R. Mika - Season 2


Like made for other characters, we should discuss Mika’s changes in Season 2 on a specific thread like this one.

Other than the wall bounce nerfs, anything else officially confirmed?

Technically I would say that nothing has been confirmed at this point. That said the list of changes from the Playstation Experience were (mostly courtesy of Fubarduck):


  • No longer wallbounces midscreen
  • Changed from -2 on block to -6
  • Startup changed from 6f to 7f
  • Conflicting information about whether or not she can control the direction the opponent is thrown anymore


  • Startup changed from 3f to 4f


  • Startup changed from 3f to 4f

s.HK (uncharged)

  • Changed from -4 to -2 on block

+/- (something?)


  • No more invincible meter-less DPs


  • There are also some rumored changes regarding V-Reversals which if true would be another significant nerf as that would mean Mika goes from having one of the best VRs in the game to just another VR.


  • Less safe on block (currently -4) or less active unclear which.

Please note that there might be some conflict in the reporting as if s./cr. LP where changed to 4f it would be more difficult to verify changes to the safety of cr.HP at max range (currently +1). There also isn’t a ton of information on the changes to V-Reversals. If all of that list is accurate and sticks that would be 8 substantial nerfs against one decent buff (system change to DPs) and one moderate buff (s.HK). -_-

Holy shit, the nerf hammer gonna be tough if it’s true.

3f jabs were vital for her wake up. Hope they revise it before the implementation.

I would consider any combination of 3 or more of those changes to be excessive. That said, the fact that we haven’t heard anything about f+HP or command grabs is both encouraging and scary. Encouraging because maybe Capcom won’t completely ruin the character more than they already seem to be planning to. Scary because those are pretty much the only tools that haven’t gotten beaten into the dirt yet and beating her tools into the dirt seems like it’s item #1 on the agenda.

Did I miss Capcom announce LTG working on their balance or something?

To be honest, I’m not too concerned about the nerfs. What bothers me the most is the reasoning people are making for them.

Actually, i have read on that LPN blog thing that maybe Brimstone has more recovery or something like that. Because why not I guess.

The “reasoning” that I’m seeing from most people I simply interpret as: “In the ten months that this game was out I couldn’t be assed to spend one iota of time in training mode figuring out how to deal with any of this crap so I’m going to complain to Capcom until they solve my problems for me”. Seriously, watch Daigo or Tokido play against Fuudo. You can count on one hand the number of times either of them will even end up blocking s.HK much less getting hit by it. Now watch any non-Japanese player go against Nuckledu and see what he gets away with. It’s very clear who has and who has not put in the time to really understand the matchup.

Yeah, I saw that too. Along with some nerf to cr.HK because why not make a crap move worse. -_-


You know what intrigues me more about her changes in s2? They listened all complaints about her corner carry and 50/50, meanwhile the requests on buffing her v-skill, probably the most garbage in the game, were apparently ignored. Shame!

Via Fubarduck:

Brimstone still loopable. cHP seems to still be -1 at max distance (counter hit on Mika when both players mash jab). Dropkick still +2.

That’s the funny thing. They kind of didn’t. All losing mid-screen wallbounce does is remove mid-screen resets and dramatically reduce her damage and stun output. It doesn’t affect (unless they nerf EX Shooting Peach or HP Shooting Peach) her corner carry at all. Get hit by st.MP close enough for it to link into either f+MP or s.HP and your ass is still taking a trip to Corner City. You’re just going to take ~25% less damage and stun during your journey there which is, IMO, complete bullshit if no other character is having their damage output dropped by anything close to that much* . In short, the current changes dramatically reduce her damage, cripple her defensive options and generally make a pretty linear character even more one-dimensional without “solving” the main thing that people complained about or strengthening other aspects of the character. -_-

*NOTE: I am fine with the current damage level in this game and don’t want any character to see their damage output nerfed.

I feel drastic Mika nerfs are necessary for S2 considering the new system changes (e.g. DP nerf), but not to this extent.
Tried making a .doc addressing each separate nerf and its implications, but there’s too much conjecture and conflicting reports right now.
It also made me sadder the more I wrote down lol.

I hope they see the need to buff her neutral a bit if this all goes through.
HK being -2 on block is a good start and I can see it having some utility as throwbait into CC.
2HP should not be nerfed frame-data wise, although priority and start-up nerfs might be okay.

From the footage I’ve seen, 6MP start-up looks much slower than the reported 7 frames.
It also can’t be used as a poke anymore since it’s MP punishable on block by every character on the roster.
I get that they don’t want this move to be easy and rewarding without confirms, but the frame-data + wall nerf feels too much.

My gut says she’ll be alright in S2, but tourney wise she might be dead.

Losing the invisible wall bounce is pretty brutal but I think Mika still has more than enough other tools to push’m in the corner. I still feeling pretty confident.

According to Alioune, the clap is -8 on block now!

Further, Alioune says cr.HP is negative on block at best. That that st.LP and cr.LK is 4 frame start up, though cr.LP could still be 3 frames

Bummer. Where’s the official change log when you need it?

I’ve just watched the beta on stream and it seems Mika’s mp is -5 on block! (if it’s true, rip Mika’s pressure!)

Plus, her c.lk is still 3f.

Are you sure it wasn’t target combo ?

I’m not convicted about this. Actually I’ve read on reddit. Though during the steam the user (forgot his name) has tried to keep the pressure in the corner with s.mp and Chun (cpu) was punishing it with jabs. :o

MP is -2 on block, 5F startup.
Chun’s LP is 3F startup.