R.Mika Video Thread: "I'll Totally Make This Look Cool!"

And I say ‘Hey!’ [V-Skill]
What a wonderful kind of way,
Where we can learn to work and play,
And get along with R. Mika…

Video is a great source of entertainment and great for teaching and learning.
So with that in mind lets visually share awesome match and tournament videos, match up breakdowns, setups, resets, shenanigans, highlight reels, combo videos etc here.

To start, I created a youtube playlist and added R. Mika videos that I thought were cool or useful in someway. At this time of posting its full of beta build stuff since the game isn’t out until next tuesday but I aim to keep working on the playlist over time.


Thank you for making the thread!
I am going to post these videos so that we can have a good start:



Alright so today was my first time ever playing SFV. Thought I’d share my crappy matches. I didn’t have a match where everything comes together so its all hit and miss. Not great punishes,being predictable and unsafe. Being hasty or hesitant. I even forgot to use my V-reversal in these videos but I used it often other times.

I hope everyone else starts sharing their gameplay too.



Ooof you got that Wingless down pat. Thanks for sharing.


Here’s a video of Justin playing Mika. He seems to be pressing every button and spamming charged heavy kicks. I’m not sure how safe or viable his strategy is but it looks fun.

Evidently trying to play her like Chun Li. Last I checked Shooting Peach =/= Lightning legs >_>;

Nice! He is pretty good with Chun, Karin and Mika. He wasn’t so great with Laura his first couple of tries. I really like his charged s. hk on meaty wake up. And he makes excellent use of s. lk. Floe was pretty good with Laura too. Thanks for posting. Will add to my playlist later :slight_smile:

Heya, starting to stream SFV. Will be playing Mika…forever. Alex might change my mind :P. https://gaming.youtube.com/user/GeminiAvery/live. Most recent session I ended the match with a mic drop, lol!

That’s a combo I did off her target combo. A bit resource heavy (V-Trigger + 1 Bar), but it looks cool.

R. Mika is pretty great, and deals good damage off any and all of her hit confirms, particularly those that use her F.MP throw combos.

nice, i would probably use shooting peach instead of wingless airplane just for corner carry though.

That’s always an option, for sure (same with any of her F.MP combos :3 ).

Here are a few matches I won against one of my battling buds. Don’t be deceived by the video though. Overall he beat me pretty soundly.



Checkout the twitch archive from last night for Daigothebeastv.

He got all the SF Japanese gods together to play SFV. At least 2 of them are maining Mika and some top level play going on.

How are you guys uploading your matches? I’d love to upload mine for some critique and pointers.

Some of my matches from RESE yesterday

If you are on PS4 press the share button. Or you can save the video and edit it before uploading. You can even copy it to a USB device and edit on your computer.

Karin can be a real bish sometimes.

Someone recorded one of my tournament matches. Feedback strongly welcomed.


Noone really plays her online so I had like zero match up experience

Link to the 5hr30m VOD