#R on PS2 @ Evo Fund-raiser Tournament Results (#R,3S)

Many upsets indeed in #R, and a close battle between tanaka and kugler. Overall a great tournament, but could’ve been better if more people came out to it from Sacramento, hopefully we’ll see more Davis tournaments in the future.

Guilty Gear #Reload (15 entrants):

1st - Paul Kugler ‘thekugz’ (SL)
2nd - Tanaka ‘TanakaForce’ (JO)
3rd - Clifford himself (MI-JA)

Street Fighter 3S (10 entrants):

1st - Shalveen ‘187’ (CH)
2nd - Sam (??) (YU)
3rd - Tanaka ‘TanakaForce’ (KE)

Good games everyone, nice meeting you all, and come out to more tournaments and help out the norcal scene!

more information can be found here:


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