[R] Street Fighter Sound Effects

Hi, I am looking for street fighter sound effects. Not background musics. Any would be good but most specifically I am looking for Akuma/Gouki sounds and even more specific from Third Strike.

I mostly want sound effects for special moves and hits, like Raging Demon KO, Shoryuken, Hadou, Tatsu, etc.

PS- I already have the SF3:3s Soundtrack and that has the voice sound effects and BGMs, but no other SFX.

uh… isnt that av bannable



some of the links are down so if you download what’s there, a lot of the files won’t work. but raging demon KO noise and some other stuff does work.

if anyone else wants to do a sound effects rip with fully working links, thx in advance. i’d d/l it.

Is it, You can’t really see anything i purposefully made it small and blurry.

edit- I changed it anyways T_T

Bot, Thanks very much. But some of the sound effects seem to be sped up or high pitched. And it doesn’t have the raging Demon KO .

yeah so i feel kinda bad bumping this since no one else cares but the fourth file (blahblah_0003) is demon KO. it’s just over 100 kb so it’s not included in the <100 kb download. guy should’ve made it <200 kb, but oh well. also if you come across the super freeze sound then let me know which one it is

edit - and wtf @ the sped up voice samples, i never noticed before since i didn’t get the <100 kb pack until now. and there are samples that were never used in the game, like ken saying “shippu” and “jinrai kyaku.”

Thanks, It’s only the ending part of the special Is there a way I can get the whole string from start to finish? (like all the punching sounds and ashura sound etc). Or does the game just run the sounds separately? In other words I gotta peice them together myself?

I just want a clip of the announcer from SFA3 saying, “Street Fighter: Alpha Three!!!”

i’m no expert on this but all the samples i’ve tried are individual and they’re not compiled in any systematic order, so you’d have to do it yourself and it would take a long time to locate the correct files. if you need it for a project or something, maybe what you could do is use an audio cable to direct the signal from the console or tv and record the sound while you do the move, or extract it from an existing match vid. might have to go to tech talk to get more info on those options.

bump, is there a way to turn off the music in the nebula emulator or something? This would be op so I can record the full RD finish. Otherwise I’d have to go through all the files and build it myself…

get adobe soundbooth and record through your speakers.