#R Team Tourney

Since it’s still not gonna be official, who’s down for the manditory BYOC #R team tourney? Post up teams and whatnot. Let’s make this shit happen again!!

Sounds hot i vote for it.

i dunno how toplay

This’d be good, but you’d need someone to run it.

Be a tough thing to do with all the tournaments going on.

me and you king, I can fight may now :pleased:

Dope! You better be ready for some new madness. Got tired of losing so I took her back to the drawing board. Prepare yo’self!

Consider me pumped up for it. Our goal for this year is to not OCV Team Serious only to get disqualified for prioritizing pizza. We’ll get food first this time. See you fools at Evo.

I <3 Tang.


Anyway, sounds fun. 3 on 3?
I’ll see about scrapping together a team.

I call Ruin and Kugler. Team Rocket Powered Neko Ninjas

I’m in if I come. I’ll try to get a team going for NorCal.

Hopefully the tournament this year will more organized and chaotic. Last year’s was too random and unorganized. :frowning:

Well, put team names/members down and I’ll start editing the 1st post so we can get the ball rolling :smiley:

If the group from NE doesn’t want me this year (yes im a sucker and will give them another chance) my venom will be available for hire.

dunno if im good enough for any team, but I’ll be happy to record as much as I can, got lots of tapes now that I’m done ripping TS5 vids

Um, is this tournament not gonna have a time limit like last time?? :-p.


P.S. And someone regulate the tourney too, I heard ruin- played in 2 teams last year.

I’d be glad to run it. I’d just need to wait till the EVO schedule is put up so I know what times we can start it up. If there’s no objections, I draw up the info and post when the schedule is up.

Well me and Marneto ran the team tourney at FR8 (9 teams) and it went pretty smooth so I have no problem doing it again with Low Tier or whoever. If someone else wants to then thats fine also. No worries either way… lets just make it happen. It should be two people I’d say…

Ya Im completely down. We will have to talk to the staff and see if we can do it on a big screen or something fun. If not, a ghetto version of team tourney will still be fun. It always is! :encore:

Yeah, what a slut.
Also I am down and will help you guys with organization if you need it. I just hope I have a real team this time, and not “Team Find Random People Last Minute”.

Team scrub tier anyone?

3v3 team is pretty standard for guilty gear.