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Time for a new thread i guess.

Who’s down to go clubbing on Tuesday night?

Who’s down to play hold’em on Thursday night?

Who’s down to go to Hawaii next year, spring break?

And who’s down to go to Family tonight?(Friday Sept. 23)

Aight fools, we really havent kicked it in a while. I think the last time we kicked it was @ EVO. So how bout hitting up the Zanzabar or whut ever its called next Tuesday. Im also gonna play hold’em on Thursday with Def, don’t know if any of you fools are interested… i’m thinking of inviting that fool SiN cuz i know he used to play.

Also, I was talking to Def and maybe we can do a trip to Morongo and chill there for one night. I know that they have club Rain there. It will be a cool little trip… gambling, drinks, and clubbing, whut else do you need(girls are included w/ the clubbing).

We can also go to Rosarito this year too.

These are all just plans before the end of the year. Hmm, now that i meantioned it, whuts up with New Year’s?

I’ll talk to you fools later. Peace

Dam, only reply is from a Southtown member. You guys blow. :hitit:

I like the plan to go to Hawaii, but I think all of our spring breaks will occur at different times. But if they don’t, let’s do it.

I’ll go back to Zanzibar whenever I’m off on Tuesday again.

As for hold em’, I can’t say I’m interested in that shit, so count me out.

School sucks. But you gotta do what you gotta do for that B.A.

Def when you get a chance can you stop by my house and drop off my Reload. thx

fucking fuck fuckers i’ll never get to fucking fuck go to fucking fuck so fucking cal. fucking fuck.

when i fucking get to fucking go down to fucking so fuck cal, i’ll fucking post the fuck out on this fucking fuck thread of fucking fuck.

alright fucking fuck i’m fuck out.

Good fucken shit fool

full house > flush draw…:frowning:

Chaotic Blue

Party at Peter’s house tuesday night

Hold’em and marvel at Combo Fiend’s house tonight

Damn, I gotta start checking this thread more if you fools are playing poker…

We go to random casinos on thursday nights and play at someone’s house on random nights, you should go. i’ll give you a call

can sin bust out of his cage two weeks in a row? :wow: someone’s getting fired :badboy:

Lucky for me and romel we had those flash gernades as decoys… Plus all that rope helped us repel him down the side of his building we managed to get by the i-r sensors but the land mines almost got one of my legs.:tdown:. If he can make it out again, just remember that all lines of comunication will be cut off 20 min before we pick him up.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Fuck you guys. Now I gotta take even more of DEF’s money this time. :devil:

so what is this about going clubbin on tuesdays?

tuesday? hmm. well either way, we still on for this thursday?

Chaotic Blue

im down for thursday


I’m down for tonight. Where are we going and what time? Someone call me up around 6.

pick me up biatch