R3ko vs FatherBrain matchvids

r3ko vs FatherBrain ST matchvids

Heres 5 of our matches from last nite at ST. Unfortunately i only recorded the matches before we lost connection, Personally i thought the matches after that were better.

Anyway here they are.

Once again Good Games FatherBrain!

Good games yall… Fatherbrain… keyboard vs pad round 2 SON let me know when yoru down.

I’m down to take ya on around 3:00P.M., P.T. (6:00 P.M.,E.T.),? I’ve heard hella shit that your a good KB user in ST and SFA3 lets get some games aginst each other to see who is the keyboard masta. What do ya say slient shade?:badboy:

Im down homie… im ok at st tho i dotn play it much but ill be more than happy to play you homes :badboy: