R3mix avatar request thread


I have just started tagging again, Its been over a year seens I last tagged (Splashs / Walls etc). I only do Avatar’s now, Maybe a Tag every now and then. Here are a few of my current avatar’s I have made over the pass week or so.

Rules -

  1. No Avatar Whore’s. Please stick with one Avatar maker, or your avatar request will not be taken.

  2. I dont reject Avatars, only if you ask for something to complex for me to handle.

  3. If you dont like the Avatar that I made for you, I will try and work with it, But I wont change the HOLE avatar.

  4. Please Proved Me Images, I some times get lazy and dont feel like searching for good images. :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. I only do Female avatars, I also dont do tech on avatars at all, I will do small animations, like things I know I can do etc.

Request anyway, Ill check back in a bit. Also, I will only accept 3 people at a time, And I will post there Avatar or Tag up in the pickup section.


. : Pick Up Area : .


thats cool…i dont mind:p


If you want something else made, Let me know. Ill be more then happy to make you avatar but without the tech.


ill get one from u next time…somebody else is making me a badass av…:stuck_out_tongue: …im sure urs are probably awsome.:smiley:


Could you do one with the pic in the attachment? Thanks.


Think you could find a better image of her?


is that better?


Its a good pic of the chick, Check the 2nd post which is the pickup area for your avatar, Also let me know if you want something changed and Ill try and fix it up.


:cool: thanks a bunch it great as is, great job!


No problem, Im glad you like it. Enjoy Any others want a avatar done?


No one wants a free avatar?


I would like a free avatar.Could i get an avatar with a grid my name redesnek font for my name(might be called something similar to that)and using this pic of Carmella DeCesare.Oh and Thanks:D


Okay, Check the pick up area for your avatar, And I hope you like it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it but could you change the font and its colour because i can barely see it.Great work though


Ive tried it with the white font and it looks bad and doesnt look good with nothing but brown / black, But if thats what you want. Check the pick up area in a few mins.


thanks for the avatar man.Great work!EDIT:it keeps saying its too big