R3MIX Avatar Thread

I have just started tagging again, Its been over a year seens I last tagged (Splashs / Walls etc). I only do Avatar’s now, Maybe a Tag every now and then. Here are a few of my current avatar’s I have made over the pass week or so.






Rules -

  1. No Avatar Whore’s. Please stick with one Avatar maker, or your avatar request will not be taken.

  2. I make Tags every now and then, If im in the mood I will take up a request.

  3. I dont reject Avatars, only if you ask for something to complex for me to handle.

  4. If you dont like the Avatar or Tag that I made for you, I will try and work with it, But I wont change the HOLE avatar.

  5. Please Proved Me Images, I some times get lazy and dont feel like searching for good images. :stuck_out_tongue:

Request anyway, Ill check back in a bit. Also, I will only accept 3 people at a time, And I will post there Avatar or Tag up in the pickup section.

.: PickUp :.

i dont need an av…i dont know what it is called but i want something for my sig…:stuck_out_tongue: if u could then plz make me one that kinda looks like this av…:stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, Not sure what you are asking. The image that is in your attachment is a avatar, Now what are you asking. You might want to make yourself a little more clear.

like some of my friends have avatar like things for there sig…it might be a tag that i am talking about.:confused: i was wondering if u could take the pic of ken and the fireball and make a pic for my sig…hopefully u can understand:p

Eh, Sorry I dont take images from other taggers. And a Tag is a Sig, Its just called Tag on other forums etc. If you find a image of ken doing his fireball, I can work around that and maybe make you a Tag.

just saying whats up:cool:.
look at the site(link in the sig). the crew vid isn’t up yet. we are pushing tnpr’s testament video first, and an underground one he has, at the same time. only thing is the guy who’s gonna host it has been away every time i get on. so yeah…im me for it. :wasted:

you remember my im? :confused:

good luck on your thread though.

you got some pretty good skill man, those bgs are nice… did you use photoshop to make the bgs?

if so, then how did you do it if you dont mind me asking?

Everything I make is from Photoshop, Backgrounds etc. I just use layers over layers over layers, To make those effects. Thats about all I can say for now. :smiley:

Moto - Ill hope on aim in a bit, Or maybe tomorrow around 3-4 in the afternoon, Work is crazy. But I will get ahold of you soon, Im interested in seeing your guys group vid.

i didnt mean take the image from the av…i meant make something that looks like that…like ur style…that would be cool.

Okay, Ill see what I can do after work today. I should hopefully have it done by the end of today, So make sure you check back from time to time.

i just want to say, i like this one.
i love it’s simplicity. i think it’s tight how you have the design fade into the white, the text is great, and i like those bars with the different hues of that cream color.

Thanks, I made that awhile back when I first started out in tagging, But coming from you must mean its nice. :lol:

oi. instead of focusing all your effort in the BG, why not start manipulating the actual object by blending it creatively.

work more with the border.

mind if you tell me how u made your bgs for the people avatar? i assume a 3d program?

and i like the tifa av

yeh, well, i like it. just cause it was made when you first started out, doesn’t mean it has to suck. if it looks good, it looks good.

Eh, Actually I dont use any 3d programs. Most of my backgrounds are tons of layers over layers, I have a few renders that I mess with that a friend gave me when I first started tagging that came from 3dsmax. But most of my stuff is made by photoshop, And maybe a render or two for my backgrounds depending on what Im doing.

Hmm, No one wants a FREE av done, I guess I have to get known before people want avs by me. :frowning:

are not you r3miks from the tagmonkey forums?

if so, u r known.

Sorry, That is not me, Im not even a member on the tagmonkey forums. Also, I have only been to those forums maybe once or twice.

where is it? i looked under pickup and it only says my name.

Im sorry but I will have to decline your request for now, I messed up this thread and need to make a new one and I really dont feel like making a tag with tech, Mostly because Im not that good with doing tech, Maybe one of the other av / tag makers that know how to do tech would be willing to help you out.