-R3mix Sexy Ladies Reqest Thread-


I have been doing these off and on for a few month’s, But lately Ive been working alot so I have’nt had much time for it at all.


  1. No avatar whores, Dont ask someone to make you something and then ask me.

  2. No avatar’s will be made unless it is a chick. (Human Chick, No anime)

  3. After I see the image I have free reign on the avatar, Meaning I will do as I please to the avatar.

  4. I have the right to say “NO” to any person that wants a avatar by me, Only time I will say “NO” is if it is to hard for me to do, or I just have a block and cant think of anything, or I can say “NO” because of your pic or I will just ask for another pic instead.

  5. Ill be taking just 5 request right now, after those 5 request if I think I have the time I will go about doing another 5 request.


Let the request begin :cool:


Can you do the Trish one for me again, I tried to upload the other one, but it says the file cannot be found. :frowning: here is the pic I used last time. If you do this can you save it as a .gif, since last time it wouldnt allow me to upload it from my computer when I saved it. Thanks


Or maybe Jessica Alba




Eh, Not sure. I know you got a av from me then shortly after you got from 2 other people, Ill have to think about this one.


:confused: I waited the two weeks to get an av of the Magneto forcefield one, but that was all, the rest I had all saved to my computer from long times ago, if I could upload the Trish one I already have saved that you made me I wouldnt even have requested, but it doesnt work for me because it was saved as .txt :frowning:


Hmm, Check back here tomorrow and Ill have something for you… Might even be some time tonight.

@KidWu - Check the “PickUp” section for your av.


It wont let me upload it from my computer can you save it as a .gif?


Hmm, I use yahoo as a host and it makes everything a .txt file. Maybe you can give me a site to a different host?


I just uploaded it to my Imagestation account and just uploaded it from there onto here. Thanks again. :cool:


can u make me an av w/ this pic?, jes put my name and watever else. jes make it look tite. k thx


@Jaky - It wont be done until tonight, I have to go to work soon so just checking the threads.


@Jaky - Sorry for the long wait, Been working to much lately. Check the “PickUp” section for your av.


I’d like one with Adriana Lima. (Victoria Secret model)

Just let me try to find a good picture of her…


thx,!! it looks tite:D


@Jaky - Thanks, Glad you like it.