R4 fighting stick


hi everyone this is my first post and im just making it due to this

i bought one back in march before i knew anything about arcade sticks and have since ordered a stick of much higher quality
the price is obviously a dead giveaway](‘http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PS3-R4-FIGHTING-STICK-ARCADE-STYLE-USB-WIRED-CONTROLLER-/200777172106?pt=AU_Video_Game_Accessories&hash=item2ebf40848a#ht_3089wt_1185’)but just for the hell of it i felt like showign some pics of the inside

sorry for quality of pics they were taken using a webcam if anyone wants any details on anything or close ups just ask
in the future im gonna strip out everything and use it as a case when making a new stick when i get the cash


The Xbox 360 version of that stick was my first. Glad I got it on sale for half of that price. I’m thinking of modding it for fun as it seems pretty easy. The insides look like the Hori stick for the Wii. The only thing I don’t like about it design wise is that the joystick feels too low compared to my current stick and that I’ll have to put button plugs in the LT/LB (L1/L2) positions.