R4 K-Geese is a Beast



Allo allo, since they want specific threads, here we go. I LOVE playing Ratio 4, K-Groove Geese. And I think everyone else should share my completely biased opinion.

Ok, check this out. As the unstoppable Juggernaut that is R4 K-Geese, you do absurd damage. You can literally kill off R1s inside of 2-3 combos, easily. With his many, USEFUL counters, you also get the ability to build meter without taking any damage. This is crazy-useful. If you can high-counter your opponent one time, they’ll be thinking about it every time they jump. Counter is such a crazy mindgame, you only really have to get one, and they’ll think you’re on it every time.

And an R4 K-Deadly Rave? Fuhgeddaboutit! That’s death in a can, there! You slide right through their poke, and combo 60-90% of their lifebar in meaty, tasty chunks. If you think people stop attacking you when you’re raged with other characters… hoo boy, even dash grooves run like hell from R4 K-Geese!

N - [R4 K-Geese + Guard break = D-e-d opponent]


You sound like an add for a condom.

No offense.

Geese is alright…



A Ratio 4 anyone in K can be a so called “beast.” Fact of the matter is though if you make him r2 and add two r1’s you’ll get more bang for your buck. I don’t think somone like me has to go over this concept again.


Other characters don’t have as many R4-K accentuating features as the mighty Geese, though. Geese himself is a demon, so by pushing him all the way to the R4 limit, he becomes, err… UberGeese!

With his chunky punishing ability, countering, and Deadly Rave, he really becomes an absurdity at this level of power. Single character mastery is the future.



actualy, just the regular 3v3 matches no ratios Geese is cool. But if you need to play ratio. Man, for about 2 hours last night i was practicing his storm. my jaw has to to move to the left, and my fore head has to wrinkle for me to get that off consistintly(?).


A team of R1-Kyosuke/R1-King/R2-Geese is better than an R4-Geese, even if Geese is the only character you can use well.


Hahahaha that’s a good one!

He’s not good at Ratio 4. Even if he’s the best R4 character that still makes him the best of the D team. Big deal. Hey I don’t want to knock Geese. He’s my favorite character, but this is really backwards thinking here.


ppl rarely use ratio 4 characters, even at top tiers. so thanx for the good input for ratio 4 k groove geese. i really appreciated it. gonna go try that out rite now


“ppl” don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground, in general. Checka-check this out.

Everyone’s of course seen the vid of Bouya OCV’ing ChoiBoy, right? How did he accomplish this? Peculiarly, it was mostly a matter of him low-parrying into [crouching-mk xx Patriot Circle]. Now, if this had been an R4 K-Geese with Low Counter, he’d be doing an absurd amount more damage, twice as fast. Now, it’s not a given that he would get it every time, but even once would be literally half of an R1 characters’ bar. Twice is Peace Out.

Knowing this, it causes crazy mindgames in your opponent. As slow as CVS2 already is, the knowledge that a SINGLE counter can kill of one of your characters is a pretty heavy thing to have overshadowing your gameplan. Prolly cause them to freeze up entirely at times.

My main point with this whole thing is that Geese has a hell of a lot of flexibility with his different moves, and K-Groove accentuates this nicely. If one focused on playing Geese exclusively, and had a great adaptive/“psychic” ability, they could pull off some pretty absurd business. Especially when you’re literally killing R1s with single combos.



Ok, being an avid Geese player, I would like to give my two cents on ratio 4 Geese, here goes:

It is really fun to play as a ratio 4, but when it gets to the really good players, especially the ones that use Sagat and Blanka, then it can be a real pain…It’s an uphill battle for Geese when hes fighting Sagat, Not impossible, but uphill…I think against every other character he is decent against…
But I wouldn’t recommend using Geese Ratio 4 against the good playahs…
-The Geese


Using 1 ratio 4 character is stupid…if your playing someone who is good then you wont stand a chance…My ratio 1 Blanka would put up a good fight against any Ratio 4 Geese…Probably take you down 30-40% damage…Im still gonna have 2 more characters to use and my last character is a well trained Ratio 2 Yun so your chances of winning with a Ratio 4 character are not that great

As someone said you wouldnt see much difference if you played with a ratio 2 Geese and have 2 more good characters than a ratio 4 geese


actually i think i can imagine ratio 4 characters being pretty good, for the fact that they do enormous amounts of damage. and i think i can do pretty good with a ratio 4 geese, but i dunno how i’ll do against the really good players.

i PRAY that you don’t face an a-groove user with a full meter, especially if they’re using sakura, akuma, kyo, or iori. they have gaurd crushing abilities with their CC, and that thing just destroys ur hp if blocked, no matter what ratio. and of course u don’t want to get CC’ed by sak or bison, after 10 hits their combo does the same amount of damage to everyone, no matter what ratio.

i’m not denying that r4 characters won’t be good. who knows, some japanese player might just take a risk, and come out on top…


well i play r4 geese and had some good results… this is wat i notice

he has the 2nd most health in the game so wen he’s raged he takes only chipp damage from the average fp…so unstoppable rush time!!!

im really good at jd’s so ive gotten raged 4 times in a round…

one rage can kill off a r1 if u land a super.

alot of air options with jd’s

one roll from opponent equals half life with bb combo…

his pokes out pokes the majority of the characters in the game…

raged rh throw does 25% damage!!!



R4 Geese in K-groove = Tank. Eddie, your Geese is an asshole, I’m rushing your ass down and out of nowhere a deadly rave kills my poor R1, that bitch is too strong. Glad I use him.:lol:


r. 2+1+1 team>r.4 Geese

Geese is my favorite, but no one can beat a good team in r.4


R4 geese gets owned by shoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoshoken.


Uh, the first post made it sound as if R4’s do more damage than R1’s. This is not true. The difference in ratios is just a change in hit points.


Actually, the amount of damage dealt does increase with ratio. Ratio 4 characters deal 130% damage to all other ratios. (i.e. a move that deals 100 dmg is increased to 130 dmg) The only exception is ratio 4 versus ratio 4 where the damage is only slightly more than 100% (approx. 105%). You were right about the hit points though. Ratio 4 Geese has 21,280 HP as opposed to ratio 2 Geese who has 15,200.



i havent seen this vid…where can i get it???

also ratio 4 k Sagat is just as BEASTLY as ratio 4 Geese…they both have nasty combos that will do all your life…

im outi



The biggest problem that I see with Ratio4’s is the ability to beat them without killing them. Characters like Mai could just do some damage and then runaway from you the whole game. To a lesser extent, characters like Hibiki could take your life and wait it out the whole round, so you get no life back. Fighting Ratio4’s is like a step system. First character should aim for around 20-30% damage, second character tries to bring you to about 30% life, and then the Ratio2 just has to finish the job. It’s all also mentally tough to win with Ratio4’s because there is no backup. If you lose one round, you’re gone.