Race-baiting Chinese girl hijacked peaceful college gathering, heroic Asians kicked her out

They better background check that girl, she’s a plant fo sho.

I like this piece on “Safe Space.”

Maybe @iantothemax should bookmark it into his safe space.

I like me some xvideos, don’t think it plays on the psquattro though.

“I like to have sex with all the girls from all the continents thats why I want to date you”

She real. She don’t fuck asians though… she a self hater.

She’s right.

I don’t give a shit about your social science impact theory bullshit.

Everyone can be racist. She’s totally on the ball.

People like to think only whitey can be racist.

She is completely right and she is actually voicing what i’ve been voicing here. I’m a black man myself but it’s about damn time that this stupid race card shit comes to an end. The race card black people pull is actually racist and fucking retarded at the same time.

A non-black person can’t complain about black people or say the word “black” in their complaints with out getting any bickering or bitching, but black people have all the liberty to do so.

Take a look at one of Chris Rock’s gig’s where he talks about the difference between Black people and Niggas. Everybody is all agreeing with that shit, clapping their hands at the truth… however on an Oprah show, a white man said the same thing… yet he is an example of racism? GTFO.

In this video, some asian girl is complaining because she experienced racism from black people (which every asian in NYC experiences by the way…) and the black people around there react to it. I have no idea if this is an IQ issue or something influenced by today’s media. Black people have to stop thinking that they are hated because of their color, they are not hated because of that it’s because they are spoiled, racist idiots. A white man can lose his job for saying the N word in a recording (regardless of it being 7+ years ago) but a black man can spam the n word all over his music. Go to a fuckin club, listen to the rap music and how many times the N word is said… if a non black person starts lipping that he will get his ass kicked. It’s the lyrics of the music that you people put in so why the fuck are you upset for.

In short, black people have the most freedom in how they treat other racist and bitch the most about racism. It’s ridiculous, and people who have a problem about this complaint are retards.

good for her, fuck all those black knights

so funny how they are like stop racism then when its not the racism they think they mean they get mad

Tried to channel Carpet Lint, didn’t work out quite well…

Black people can be racist, fact

Anybody can be a racist xenophobe

Thinking the color of your skin keeps you from that? Nah.

Fob made a point. And she would get some.

Yup. This is that pc bullshit that prevents truths from being told and leads to problems like Europe is having. Political correctness is national suicide.

I guess common sense is nothing more than an afterthought at this point. :coffee:

Depends on your view.

Words exist in a context. Shit isn’t black and white and its not supposed to be fair. I’m not gay, so I not really supposed to be using the word faggot to describe gay men but if gay men want to take the word for themselves, I can’t stop them.

Anyone can be racist, but racism against white people doesn’t exist.

Shut the fuck up.

Bet you racism against white people suddenly comes into play if one dares walk through Downtown Newark.

Oh god youre one of those people

Asians are on a ball this week…keep it up.

I don’t want to argue with you, but what do you call an Asian guy beating up a White guy simply because of his race?

Jealousy? :stuck_out_tongue: