Racer Model - WIP

Any suggestions are welcome. I’m not really stuck or anything just thought I let somebody check this joint out… However, I’m definitely open to advice on how I should paint the car as far as reflections and shading is concerned.


Done Deal…

Racer Model Update…

Nice coloring on your chick Nova, reminds me of Ridge Racer for some reason. When you start doing the reflections figure out where they are cause that sccenery will show up somewhat in the reflections.

My only other comment is the car looks a little small or she looks a little too big. Otherwise, nice work so far and thanks for sharing.

nice! really digging the design for the hair and the outfit.

A few things you can do to make this beter though:

her collar bones should curve down, not up like how you have it.
Her breasts look at little weird. I think its the conflicting design you have here, her top has no support under her breast yet it looks like its pulling up too much. You should lower it and put in some cleavage.

The folds on her skirt should be a bit more curvy. WHen you have folds in perspective, they look like curves instead of straight lines. her right thigh though be a bit fuller also, the part close to the hip joint. This might be just me but her legs look a bit unnatural. Her left left should be closer to her center. Right now there’s too much weight on her left. less of herright knee and right lower leg pointing down more will look better imo. slimmer and sexier.

You’re probably pretty much set on the pose by now, but just a few things to keep in mind in the future.

Thx for the advice peeps. I keep that in mind on the next joint.

DFist covered a lot of good points, Nova.
I just want to add a couple of minor points, just to think abt when you do your next piece:

(1) the checker-design on her boots. The horizon line of this pic seems to be the car (since we get a flat frontal view), so anything above it or below it should be rendered in perspective accordingly. The design on her right boot (on her right foot) shouldn’t curve down as much since it’s pretty near the horizon line.

(2) women’s hands look better if they’re drawn slender & small. her right hand could use less knuckle area :slight_smile:

overall, a very nice addition to your racer series :slight_smile: