Rachel Rage/HELP ME thread

Hi guys. You might remember me from waaay back when the first blazblue came out, and I was on the rachel board helping everyone figure out some combo’z and stuff. Well. That crap is over and done with. I wasn’t gonna get CS originally because of what they did, and Makoto came out, so i decided to buy and give it a shot. Well. Makoto is awesome. Then I tried Rachel and realized just how very stacked against her the odds are. In particular, matchups that are silly:


I mean really. She’s supposed to be a hybrid melee/projectile fighter right? Lotta good that is when two of the three above can projectile you faster, with more followup damage, from across the stage. They don’t have a recharge on their ability and longer reach on most of their melee. Hakumen just pokes you to death, and WHACHOP.

I don’t even want to think what the Tager matchup looks like.
This isn’t coming from some random nub, I’m not some crazy tournament player (Mainly because no car)… but I was in the top 100 in the Rachels the first game… this… this is just fawkin’ retarded.

I would love suggestions how to take out any of the above three, all other things being equal, both players having the perfect reactions, yadda yadda.

Also, all other Rage-chel should go here, as I’m sure I’m not the only person.

Rachel is a pure zoning/lockdown character in CS. In fact, her corner lockdown is stronger than Lambda’s. The only problem is that she can’t do damage.

You can stop Lambda’s swords and Hazama’s snakes with Lobiela.
George can slide under Lambda’s 5D now since he doesn’t hop.
Hazama is one of her best matchups.

Not sure about the Hakumen matchup.

I understand how you feel. As a Rachel player it’s disgusting to see what they’ve done to her.
I still have to wait for 3 months before I can buy CS and I’m still in doubt whether or not I shall do that.

At least there’s someone out there that can still pull it off.
Take a look at this and feel better:

I was actually looking for some good Rachel players to check out on Youtube and perhaps sharpen my skills for Rachel in CT. That’s when I ran into this thread.
You kinda got me down man :frowning:

Sorry for the dubblepost, although it’s been 5 days.
Don’t let the CS changes get to ya Rachel players.

I wanted to know what you guys do against tager. I’m still playing CT and I sharpened my skills quite a bit if I might say so myself, but still I have the biggest problems against Tagers. I try to keep them away to avoid grabs (projectiles, lobelia and because he’s slow Sword of Iris works good) but most use their Sledge Hammer to get close.
With magnetic, jumping or wind jumping is very risky so…what are your tactics/advise?

In CT, Rachel had a sort of loop against Tager. If I remember correctly it went something like this?:
j.a j.a jb 8jc j2c?

If anyone knows it better, feel free. I was never very good at it lol.

Stay away from random lobelia’s they aren’t that great against Tager. However well timed lobelia’s to counter are very effective. Rush the mofo DOWN before he can magnetize you. Throw out some 6B’s for the counterhit and follow it up with combo.

Hope that helps.

Nah, Mak just doesn’t have a cross up and a trash sweep, that is all. Besides that a very good character. While Bang just lacks good air damage and limited projectiles with an easy reversal.

^Wrong topic or total randomness?

Thanks. I encountered a Tager last night that walked into 6B counter after counter. Always trying to get a sledge hammer out.
Too bad I don’t meet enough Tagers too practice on. It’s alway interesting how you keep meeting people you lost from and people you win from avoid you…

So, messing around with my options for a bit has netted me ways to at least partially make J.2C somewhat safe (A lobelia cancel) among other things. She has the ability to continue to do things and isn’t quite as screwed as originally thought, but I miss my Jump cancellable J2C/3CD mixup so much. My 5b6b3CD/J2C not comboing as well as the 6B counterhit time nerf also has me D:<'ing. But… it’s somewhat doable, just gotta go a long roundabout way to getting around to damage, and in the meantime, if they get in on you, you are boned.

Here are some videos that might help you with your Rachel vs Tager matchup.