Racial hate crime in Mississippi - update


White teens beat up and drive over a black man.
Reading this article and watching the vid pissed me off. I hope the legal system throws every single book at them. IMO, these guys should get a death sentence.

Wow…this makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. They went that far outta the way to do that? Seriously? They’re taking shit waaaaaay back into the vault with this.

crazy racism in Mississippi? who’d of thunk it. :confused:

Ole goldie locks is gonna have a fun time in prison. Honestly I think think the death penalty would be taking it easy on them. Just through em in general population.

I regret watching that video, now I am in a bad mood.

I seroiusly hope that kid has hell on earth each day hes in prison. In fact, the guards should tell the inmates what that kid did so he can be the bitch of the bunch.

His life is gonna flash before his eyes each time he gets into the shower.

lots of little HITLERS around

I can imagine shit like this happening because of the recession. Once the money that put people on a tier above those filthy minorities is gone, they spaz. The Jim Crow period is a prime example(Stock Market Crash). Shit like this happens because mofo’s can’t face the reality that nobody is special based on skin color. Unless you are green.

People, seriously, stop sentencing people with death. There are evil people in the world, but you shouldn’t taint yourself by killing or wishing them death.

I’m so angry. I hope that the family, friends, and neighbors do not try to retaliate in a disgraceful manner. Best wishes.
Some people are sick, evil, and immoral, it’s important to remain sane and wise. Let’s try to fix the symptoms, instead of simply punishing the culprits. Also, everyone of those teenagers have some culpability and should have been charged.

Jim Crow was bad regardless black folks down south had it rough regardless.From getting killed from walking wrong ,looking wrong,talking out of term,acting intelligent,having schools…trying to own land,Hell just going into town we had it rough regardless .

What the crap?! That’s just… words fail me.

death is to good for these people, look em up in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives. Death would be to easy of a way out.

On a second note, if worse comes to worse and the country destabilizes, this will become such a common practice. Its pathetic really.

if real prison is anything like OZ they will be raped sooner or later

what a bunch of scumbags

See I had the same thought, and just didn’t click the link lol.

You know what dudes are gonna do to them in prison? TOSS THE SALAD!

Let me guess… i bet those guys make regular comments on youtube.

‘Dr. King said "Freedom at last"
And some have interpreted that
To mean that we have come to the end of the path
But instead the long march hasn’t even begun’

racism is a disgusting thing. i’m so mad right now and i didn’t even watch the video.

I’m not even going to click the link because once I saw someone say they ran the dude over I was already pissed off.

Wearing a pink shirt in a place like that ensures a fate much worse then death. I wouldn’t be surprised if the crime was committed more out of bordem then actual racism butt, either way these guys are fucked.