Racine, WI WTF 2009 Returns Results!


Thanks everyone for coming today!!! I hope everyone had a good time.


  1. Munn3y (Balrog)
  2. JFrisco (2 day ryu)
  3. Shadow Hado (Ryu, M. Bison)
  4. Chazro (Cammy)
  5. Syxx (Ultra-less Sagat)
  6. Phreakazoid187 (Chun-li)
  7. Mr. Man (M. Bison)
  8. Cracka J (M. Bison)
  9. Footmeetskull (Ryu)
  10. exarchezekiel (Ryu)
  11. Soloist (Akuma)
  12. Yee
  13. Benni Cha
  14. Jerry Cha
  15. NappyJin
  16. Madwak

Melty Blood : Actress Again

  1. Sima Matty
  2. Magnus XL
  3. NappyJin
  4. Syxx
  5. Chazro
  6. Team Purple
  7. Nidba
  8. Mr Man
  9. Digimon Emporer


  1. Phreakazoid187 (Tager)
  2. Cracka J (Nu)

Only 4 people entered

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion

  1. Antonio C. (Julia)
  2. Mateogalvan (Feng, Jack-6)
  3. NappyJin PSC (Alisa B.)
  4. Syxx PSC (Lili, Asuka)
  5. SwiftDemon (Paul)
  6. SupraDoom- (Bryan)
  7. JFrisco (Bruce)
  8. Lil Negrito PSC (Law)
  9. Shadow Hado
  10. DigimonEmporer
  11. Mr Man
  12. Pitch Black
  13. Chazro
  14. Mike Marduk
  15. Soloist
  16. Jerry C.
  17. Madwak
  18. Tiger

Prize Winners -

$100 Gamestop Gift Card - MADWAK!

SF2 Nintendo Power - Shadow Hado!

Sakura and Chun-li set - Mr. Man!

I’ll post shoutouts and stuff in a bit right now i’m tired :slight_smile:


Overall this was a fun event; everything seemed to keep moving and it was pretty easy to watch everything going on. Great job, Syxx and Soloist!

Couple of shout-outs:

Phreakazoid: Great games in casuals and great job taking BB; you were on fire today!

Cracka J: Good to meet you, man; if you ever see me on XBL and want to throw down in Blazblue, send an invite

EDIT: Syxx: Forgot to mention, I did take something away from those few dozen Tiger Uppercuts such as…watching out for Tiger Uppercuts.


I missed BB but I got money from Tekken.


Also, good shit to everyone I played.


the tourney was great, lots of fun. I suck at sf4.

still cant believe I won that gift card.

mofos wanna counterpick though.


don’t spend it all at one place yuk yuk btw u better use it to buy tekken… on ps3 of course :slight_smile:


Good to hear it went all well. And the gift card raffle is a very novel idea, imo.


GG’s all.

Again, thanks to all those who helped out with this tournament. Better get back into my Blazblue mood for next time :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s this about counterpick? Cammy all the way baby~



Good shit Cracka J and Phreak! God…I wish I could have went now, only 4 people entered? :rofl:


Only 4 people for BB?! Shitty. Glad to hear everythng else went well atleast.

Jim, we gotta get your D-Mashing skills up to speed again. Just when you think you can’t, you can always use a little more D! :wgrin:

:rofl: @ SF2 Nintendo Power! Classic!


that was a pretty good turnout all around, especially for sfiv. thanks everyone for coming!


Some shoutouts

Matthew thanks for running SF4 and BB. For your first tournament, everyone thought you did a great job keeping things moving. If you wanna use a laptop next time it might be a good idea because it’s easier to keep track of everything, but for just doing pen and paper you did awesome. Thanks for bringing the console and 360s and pads, etc etc too.

Nappy, thanks for helping out with the MB brackets at the last second, and gg getting 3rd in Melty and Tekken. PSC mother fucker.

Footmeets, thanks for bringing the tv and xbox 360.

Jim, Frankie, Clayton. Thanks a lot for making it all the way up to our local. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys there. Hopefully you had a good enough time there will be more of you guys up next time.

Mr. Man thanks for making the trip up from chicago. Congrats on winning the mystery prize. I hope I don’t end up on To Catch a Predator Street Fighter Edition where they catch my luring people into my tournaments with toys lol.

Munn3y, congrats on taking SF4. Too awesome. FIRST PERSON TO WIN A SF4 TOURNAMENT ON XBOX 360 USING A PS2 DUAL SHOCK. Amazing feat lol

Joe Franciso. Damn 2nd at SF4. Too hot. Jab jab jab jab S R K. Fucking sick shit. Get hype for lame Bnb combos. This is SF4 after all.

Chazro, thanks for comin out. You are pretty well rounded in multiple games. gg in sf foh. Let nappy know if u ever wanna come hang out and play some games.

Madwak, nice job winnin the 100 dollar card. You are definitely one of the hardest working FG players I know and you deserved it.

GGs everyone that I played, I had an awesome time and I hope to see everyone back again at our next tournament, which will be October 31!!! There will also be a lockin that day.


Gg to everyone. I can’t believe I won sf4. I don’t even play it a lot. Thanks madwak for the convertor. Ur a life saver. Thanks also to syxx for lending me the ps2 controller. Had fun playing against everyone


back from no internetland aka wasco, IL

fun tourney, not as far as we though it would be so that was a plus.
turnout for bb sucked, but not really your guys fault.
me being free in sf4 I guess really shows you how much I play that game these days :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d drive up again for another one. only shitty part was the few miles we drove on 294 demolition traffic, but that was expected. other then that it was a pretty smooth drive up and back. nice meeting/playing some of the WI players, you guys got a few solid SF4 players up there, keep up the good work.


GGs to all those who made it out. Nice meeting the IL and Milwaukee players that came, hope you guys can make it to the next one. Add me on xbl if you guys want to get some games in for sure.

Huge thanks to Dan for running everything smoothly, looking forward to the next one. If you need help with anything, just ask!


The next one should be even more hype.

I wanna see even more Chi people in Tekken next time. Shit’s too good.


This tournament went so well that the arcade manager approached me to run another one next month


b thar or b squar