Racing cab for Fighters...!

So my local arcade got in a Guilty Gear arcade cab. However, the cab is a modified racing game cab with the pedals and steering wheel taken out. It’s got a little lip where the wheel used to sit that’s used for the joystick now. It’s extremely comfortable and really fun to play on. I was planning on making something similar for home use, and I was just wondering if anyone’s done something similar and could give me a few pointers.

In a nutshell, think Initial D hollowed out and Guilty Gear put in.

I also need to know where I could find the racing seats. HappControls has them, but I was wondering if there’s any less-expensive alternatives. Thanks in advance.

thats new to me

shoo, your avatar is the best ever. :tup:

Some arcade ops did similar work on a CyberSled machine.

It’s freaking awesome.

Damn, that sounds ridiculously badass~!


I didn’t know it was so unknown. I’ll take pics of it tomorrow and post them up for your viewing pleasure.

well, if you intend to run GG on it, I believe that you dont need a brand new Initial-D cab right? …I would contact a few Arcades to ask if they don’t have any old racing cab they plan to get rid of in the near future, and make an offer.

If not, search the net (ebay and arcade forums)… but I would definitely get a used cab to do it.

Do you think you can post a few pixs of the cab in your arcade?

We had one of these locally (I suspect you could buy it if you lived in the area, since LanWerx went under and I bet the machine is just at Siu Wai’s house) - it’s certainly interesting/weird. It was kind of cramped, though. :smile:

Me and my roomates just took the racing seat out of an old car. Its on the factory rails to so you can adjust the seat. The wheel comes off, so you can put jotysticks there too. Only took me 50$ to build.

this was done at an arcade by my house with SCII

PBR FTW!:looney:

Also, we have a Dual screen racing cab in Jacksonville with KOF XI. Its wierd, one monitor per stick.

That looks like an old Recaro seat. I need to do a little project like this as well.

haha thats pretty sick mikei ^^

i want to see that GG cab though

I just went to an arcade last week that had something similar. They had two machines that were set up like this. It looked like it was converted from an old Sega arcade racing game.
In place of the wheels, they had a stick in the middle, with the button layout on both sides (in case anyone wanted to try to move with the right hand and attack with the left). Each machine had two seats/controller/monitor setups, one for each player.
It was kinda cool, but it looked kinda ghetto at the same time. One was GG (don’t remember which one) and the other was MVC2.

Last time I was at the Fairfield Tilt they had a set-up like that for SVC Chaos. I thought it was gay as fuck but what do I know.

lol we have a MVC2 cab in a racing cab now at Tilt. The orginal machine board blew out, so they put a new board in. Its akward, but we have more elbow room.

On the subject of Initial D, has anyone played the hydraulic force feedback version of that game? It’s a huge contraption and it is awesome. I was at a Chuck E Cheese’s and they had one with one play per token ($.25) Best deal ever. When you crash, it really jars you. I hate playing racing games, but that game was ridculously fun. Next time I’m up in the Twin cities area, I’m gonna try to go there again.


What rotten f****ng luck. I bring my digital camera to take the pics, go to Tilt (yeah, Riverside Galleria Tilt) and it’s closed. I’ve been working at the mall for 3 years now and have gone here every lunchbreak since I started. My friend and the owner explains to me that they were shut down and they’re not coming back. Later that day half the machines were gone. I’m angry, sorry I couldn’t get the pics. lol

Damn man, what rotten luck. Nobody likes having their arcade shut down. :sad: