Racist gamers

OK I kow allot of you guys and gals are like “WTF??” Well I’ve been playing games for a long time and I’ve been doing the online gaming scene since Xband (SNES) and then onto X box live. Now I’ve noticed more and more that allot of gamers are just plain “racists as hell,” and I just want to start a thread to put them on blast:party::chat: so folks can avoid them or bugg the hell out of them whenever they play/see them online… I’m tired of logging on and when i get a head shot on someone in Call Of Duty 4 the first thing that comes out there mouth is “Dumb ******.”:amazed: Prime example, while i was playin COD4 someone just said straight up “If you’re black get the fuck off my team…better yet get the fuck out this lobby.” I was like “DAMN!!!” Like that? Another time while playing Orange box they made comments about how they hate Mexicans, blacks and anyone else that wasn’t white…guess what??? I was the healer of my group …and needless to say i let them die.
So i’m creating this post just to put these assholes on blast so folks can avoid them…or get on that ass… so we all can have a good time online and enjoy our games…So I’ll start off with

XBL gamertag: Maddog6375:clown:

Oh yeah the more that I come across the more i’ll put on here as long as the thread stays open. Later

Capcom doesn’t care about black people.

No one cares, it’s the internet where everyone can be a hero and say what they want.

Untill somebody invents the Punch In the Face Net feature it will continue, I wouldn’t let it bother you man.

Ya’ll see that new movie? Was good.

Tis why you don’t play on XBOX live.

Tis? :rofl: Old English only at SRK.

What’re you gunna do? It’s the Internet. The best those guys can do against you in real life is probably try to shank you with an AOL free trial disk or try to give you a papercut with their GEDs, so just ignore their comments as if they were never stated.

LOL that’s funny…

AOL trial discs are still around? :lol:

What is an Xband?


Dirty mexicans! Probably stole your steam account!

This is the internet. Don’t end up killing yourself over these kids.

Fuck Xband. All about Sega Saturn’s Net Link! DAYTOONAAAAAAAA!

Yeah i gotta say there is A LOT of racism going on as long as its on the internet, and you cant see the face. A lot of my friend say chink to me but its just for fun, if someone says it online, I cant really tell the tone so it does get me kinda mad. I also think theres some racism against white people though, with the obvious, saltine _____.

:wow::wow::wow::wow: It was the first console online gaming…the Genesis and SNES used it…played many Killer instinct and Mortal Kombat Matches on it. Check it out…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XBAND

How old are you?

Cracker? Honky? Peckerwood? Inside out moon pie?

Because anonymity + internet access = dumbassery.

Simple, really.




makes sense then, you were a tad on the young side then.

Haha, I was thinking about saltine carbohydrate.

I woo keal em carbos if I see em around. And dem lazy fried chicken eaters too. And dem lazy beanas too. And dos…

I’m not racist, I just hate those black cotton picking niggers

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