Racist jackass on SFIV

(edit: should have googled this guy first. apparently he’s already infamous.)

what’s up everyone. anybody ever had the pleasure of dealing with this moron:

psn: oberfuhrer56 or SSpanzerkorp

as if the names didn’t give it away already we have a real genius on our hands. it went a little like this before i blocked both his or his buddy’s names.

ssuberdoosh: i bet you’re a dirty yellow chink.

myself: wow and racist too real winner here white pride world wide good buddy.
that’s the wrong slur by the way, blocked, plus notifying srk what a doosh you are.

sspanzerass: do you really thik im scared of some chinks at srk…you don’t know how fucking stupid you sound…like they can do something.
(note: notice i never said srk WOULD do something. just figured i had to post about this asshole regardless.)

myself: who was hitler again?

fuhrertoppeddoubledildo: der fuhrer, anser the question chink, whats srk gonna do? nothing. they know about me… they know not to fuck with the fuhrer.
myself: yes i know your tiny white balls must be shriveled up in fear as we speak. oh and ching chong to you honkey.

mr.wasted opportunities: ching chong. this gook made a funny!

myself:big and tough and white at home over the internet by your lonesome whilst me and my white girlfriend laugh our asses off at you. wrong slur again.

(n)eugenics rejection: coolie? slope. slant eye… what does your dad call you mom when he’s beating her for giving birth to you?

myself: (wow his broken english is better than mine.) you realize you own a ps3 and you are playing an asian made game. i’m gonna go to bed with my white girlfriend, and concieve some mixed race babies. we’ll send you pictures if you want, but it was nice chatting with you.

that was pretty much the end of it, but wow do people like this really still exist. i really thought it was some sort of bad joke for the first five minutes.

what do you think about this?

well sir… I know a lot of flaming post are going to ensue… but here’s what I think:

Its a fact of life. There are people out there who are low and racist, but what can you do? Your going to run into plenty of them, that sir is a fact. But I think its best if you just avoid the situation over the internet (or online games for that matter). However IRL, you can go about it two ways:

1: Walk away and don’t let it bother you
2: Deck him in the face

i could kinda see that happening, but i’m hoping not. btw. i’m half asian and half white, which i maybe should have mentioned before throwing out all the h bombs up there.

yeah, i don’t really take racists seriously at all, and i didn’t take this one seriously either. i was just wondering if:

  1. he does this to everybody?
  2. how often this kind of thing happens within the community?
  1. Yes.
  2. In the community? Never. On random online matches versus crybaby scrubs, aggy that they spent $60 to get beat on? All the damn time.

oberfuhrer56 is quite a celibrity … check out the HDRemix bad games thread for example. I think he was also mentioned in another bad games thread here in the SFIV section.

Ya I think he was calling me a scrub for useing the same move on him a couple weeks ago.

Telling trolls your gonna tell SRK on them sounds lame though, wont lie.

Gettin an angry PM from him on PSN is a right of passage. If you haven’t gotten a message from him after 2 weeks of playing, then you need to up your game. You yellow SRK chinks!!! :lol:

yeah kind of lame way i phrased it. i was really thinking more along the lines that there were definitely other people who’s dealt with this guy on srk. i was a bit shocked by the avid racism, but that was only until this image popped in my mind:

and he was probably thinking more like:

anyhow the end.