Racist White Girls go off against Mexicans

I thought there was already a thread for this, I guess there isn’t. I really doubt you guys haven’t seen the original video yet because it’s (was) everywhere on youtube.

If you haven’t seen the original video yet, here is a link:



I am Mexican myself, so watching this kind of hurt 2 ways. 1, well, all the things said are extremely cruel and really insults me (and I believe other Mexicans as well). 2, I am 16, these girls seem to be around my age, I can’t believe how fucking ignorant the world “future generation” is still is. All the ways that information can be transferred so we can constantly learn and I still see people like this.

Sad thing is, even though this is in Arizona, here in Miami I’ve seen the same types of comments against not only Mexicans but Cubans and others as well.

I just wanted to know what you guys think about the video seeing the FGC has people from around the world and all have different points of view.

Why couldn’t they be hotter?

It’s fucking Arizona… what did you expect? This is the same state where some idiot decided it was a good idea to shoot a congresswoman.

Plus what do you expect out of white girls? Did you already forget about that one chick at ULCA the other year? It’s fucking white girls man you can’t take what they say seriously.

At least it spawned the response video with the girl getting hit in the head by the falling picture (maybe NSFW only last 6 seconds are relevant, edit if needed).

For real.

Racism has kicked it’s feet up and is currently reading the sports section. It’s not going anywhere.

Don’t worry about it. Just keep doing your thing.

i expected some clueless bimbo telling beaners off on the side of the road and I get this typical youtube video of ppl talking in their room…

plz close thread

srk is soft like pillows now

Yeah I expected a fight video. wtf OP…wtf

Racist Mexican goes off against glorious innocent pure as snow white girls

I don’t understand these white girls nowadays. I really don’t. The troll is strong within these chicks.

Legitimate concerns. Immigration should be done legally.

How many licks does it take? To get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

The world maybe never know.

Eh. They didn’t sound very coherent. Couple of broads that will amount to nothing, and are looking for attention.

I’m hispanic. Racism is everywhere from every race. It’s pretty sad all the way around. And while I do feel that immigrants should make an effort to learn
English, We take a quick look at Wikipedia’s “Languages of the United States” andddddddddd:

English is the de factonational language of the United States, with 82% of the population claiming it as a mother tongue, and some 96% claiming to speak it “well” or “very well.”[3] However, no official language exists at the federal level.

So yeah.

Also. This is old as dirt but: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=walmart

Anyway. Why would you wanna get rid of Mexicans? They make banging food. Like Soccer and Boxing. and play games just like anyone else. Also, all my Mexican friends are loyal as fuck.

I have no problems with crackers, cookies, nachos, or fortune cookies. To me, you are all equally tasty.

Fuck racists.

EDIT: G.O.T. I’m the bigger Haggar fan.

@ Densuo: Lies sir. I call bs. Ive been invited to the mayor’s honor ceremonies on several occasions. LOL. ^^

The Mayor gave me a Steel Pipe for my birthday. I used it to bust open an Oil Drum, revealing a Turkey, which I ate.


dumb 14 year olds. I really dont think these clowns understand how the world/economy works. otherwise they wouldn’t be saying “mexicans makin ma life miserable!”

No website has me thinking less of idiotic American white girls then SRK.

Way to keep it real! They always get off the hook!

I love me some white girls…mmmmmmm…grahahhall

Too long, didn’t watch.

I’m pretty sure if I lived in Arizona and illegal immigrants were always coming and fucking things up, not even job stuff, I’d be pissed at them too.

If you are really sixteen and want a tip to make your life a lot better going ahead, take this nugget.

Stop caring you are mexican. Stop taking pride in something that just doesn’t matter. Just make sure you are a good person and work hard toward whatever your goal is. Stupid immigrants are going to make you look bad for the rest of your life. Stupid white people are going to hate you for stuff that you didn’t even do because they hate people who are dumb that you don’t know.

White people don’t give a shit when some Norwegian person goes nuts and kills a bunch of people or when a guy blows up a building in oklahoma. The quicker you get over your whole “pride” thing the faster you can stop getting mad over stupid crap like this because it doesn’t matter in anyway.

And hey if you are still super mexican man, that must mean you are real dumb and love the bible. Pride is one of those sins you guys are so scared of when you are busy mugging white people to buy guns for your drug war that we fund. I totes know a sin from the bible will stop any minority from doing smoething bad/stupid.

^ what?

This is awesome, a good example of how People view issues based on what the believe to be true.

lmao… thing is, mexicans (illigeals) aren’t just confined to Arizona
I was in favor of the law but this country isn’t exactlyoff the hook.
Imagine the movie Day with out a mexican, but, fuckin everywhere, lol
sad thing is the USA and many corporations loves cheap labor and cheap labor mean sweet low prices!

kick all the illegals out, watch a real rescission happen.

take pride in being mexican, having pride and being over the top with it are different, NOW people wanna take things word for word from the bible? hahaha
take pride (in w/e)
Being happy about something is the quickest way to cause some1 to be negative about it. some people looooove to not be happy and be negative nancy’s about anything and everything!