Radiant Silvergun HRAP EX-SE just a community FYI

I’m not sure if this has already been posted but there is a Radiant Silvergun arcade stick in the works. It is just a reskinned HRAP EX-SE it seems.

The Return Of Radiant Silvergun Spawns A Pricey Arcade Stick


That’s one of the coolest licensed stick artwork!

I’d just buy a plexi and be done with it!

This was canned, wasn’t it?

I’m pretty sure I saw it for sale on the jp hori store site for sale but the English translation is off sometimes. I know it was on there but not sure if they canceled it I’m sure it will never see an official US release

It was canceled.

Not surprised that they canceled it, wasn’t this around the time that the HRAP V series were about to be released? I think the last HRAP EX shmup related sticks were Death Smiles and Mushihimesama.

A Radiant Silvergun HRAP EX-SE would of been so awesome my head would explode into thousands of smaller Dark Sakuls, each would build a shrine out of my dead remains to this. Then I read it was canned, shit man of all the dumb luck. I guess it is up to us SRK members to go ut and make some custom Radiant Silvergun Sticks instead. I wonder if the Chung-Li TE-S comes in Smoke instead of Blue, with a matching smoke bubble top and smoked pushed buttons dual-modded with a MC Cthulhu and the Version 2 Imp


This was the first I’ve ever heard of the stick! Yeah, it’s just an art switch but I would have done it just to support Radiant Silvergun!

brb throwing my HRAP EX-SE against a wall in a fit of rage.

HRAP Vx is better!

I love shmups and hate Radiant Silvergun. There. I said it. The art is sexy though.

What Shumps you recommend?

Anything by Cave or Psikyo. Radiant Silvergun is an overhyped memorizer that plays more like a puzzle game.

Gootecks much?


Progear is fun. Check out Deathsmiles for an excellent horizontal Xbox 360 shooter.


fuck playing that shit on a jlf

I just realized anything old school from Cave are true to their descriptions. Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets(mainly this title) are complete Manic Shooters!!! Death Smiles actually gives you a chance to stay alive with difficulty selection.

Seitmitsu LS-56 x shmups = Win.

BTW when the hell is Radiant Silvergun supposed to come out on XBL?? I’d hate to see it pushed back like the North American release of Otomedius Excellent.

That’s what I did to my HRAP EX-SE

Stick was too damn expensive for what it was.

From the one time I ran through Radiant Silvergun I enjoyed it. Ya know just because a screen isn’t filled with bullets all the time doesn’t make it a shmup. Damned whippersnappers.

That’s cool. I respect everyone’s personal opinion and WHATS WRONG WITH YOU HOW COULD YOU HATE IT

Actually, I do prefer Ikaruga over Radiant Silvergun. RS is like a weird puzzle where you have to know everything before going into a fight. With the wrong weapons powered up, some bosses and levels are just impossible.

Still, I would have done a lot of things to try and get this stick, just to send that notion to Treasure/Cave/Psikyo to port their games over. $160 would have easily turned into $200 due to shipping and taxes and I still would have easily done it.

Oh, and my favourite SHMUP is Strikers 1945 Plus.

It makes me sad that this was canned. as for my favorite shmup…three way tie between twinkle star sprites, border down and dodonpachi.