Radiant Silvergun Stickart needed

I am in the final stages of a custom build for a customer. I am having problems with the art though. Could someone help me?

Here is the request from my customer.

**The art idea I have is actually extremely simple. Let me give you an idea of what I’m after:


**On this page, you’ll see a Radiant Silvergun logo on the lower right side. On the stick, I’d like to have this logo on the bottom and centered. You’ll also see a “Treasure” logo in the upper right. I’d like that logo to appear on the stick in the upper right. I’d like for the entire box to be black, and as mentioned, the buttons and the stick to be red.
The text with the logos is to be included. This is a straight 8 button layout with 30mm buttons. Labels next to the buttons are to be in Garmond font and small,
Top Row: X, Y, Z, L
Bottom: A, B, C, R

The artwork area is 11 3/4" x 7 3/4".

This looks like a nice and easy turn around but the source image is small. I can supply a slightly better image of the Radiant Silvergun logo but no the Treasure logo.


I’m so looking forward to see what some of the artist might come up with for this one!

I’d also like to see someone do stick art that featured Ikaruga art.

Artwork Done

I messed around with Photoshop last night and came up with this. My customer is happy and this is what we will go with.