Radio shack psx to usb device


well i purchased it like around december works perfectly fine…
problem is i lost the installation disc/drivers, it was an orange disc with the red radioshack logo, i found some drivers online but they have alot of trouble detecting rapid inputs.

can any one send or rapidshare good drivers?


Is this Sector 7?


I think I still have the disk at home somewhere. I’ll check when I get home from work and if I have them I’ll def get them to you.


i have it on floppy somewhere

the windows drivers are fine for it, i’ve found… just install it as a generic usb joystick.


what? you shouldn’t need the disk. every machine i’ve plugged it into detected it just fine.

but i might be able to help you out.


hmm, i’ll do some more toying around tonight.


they have all there drivers @

and the psx to usb is here


yea i had those drivers but like i said had trouble detecting multiple rapid inputs.
im thinking it might be the usb hub


It does the same thing to me. Having drivers that may fix this would be AWESOME!


You don’t need the drivers dude. I never installed them, and it still works great for me.

Unless radioshack released a new model that Needs them, it’ll work perfectly fine as a plug&play device.


as for rapid inputs, mine works fine. i can kattobi cancel with my stick.

i think it’s your hub


Wait, I have the blue and black one. Is that the same one you guys have?


Forget matching colors…

What is the product id/device id on it? Windows you should be able to get that from device manager, linux would be under /proc/usb (I think?). OSX you can get it from System Profiler.

I’ll get mine when I get home. FYI, I have a radio shack one that’s all black. Works great for me on FreeBSD and OSX, no drivers.


I have got mine on me right now, its black, possibly they one numbski has, and I have never had a problem with it.

The only identifying number on it is the catalog number which is 26-729.


Chaos…per my last post, what product id/device id are listed for it?


Where exactly would I find that in the computer?

I have been trying to look around and the only thing I found is that the computer recognizes it as a “USB Joystick” and like a PS controller, its set up for one joystick and 12 buttons.

Also I checked my device manager and I cant figure out which one of the USB devices is the right one. But then I am not the best with computers, so I will leave this up to someone else.


Presuming Windows, right-click on My Computer, and browse to Device Manager. I’m not in front of a windows box at the moment, so I can’t give you the click-by-click. It’ll be attached to the USB bus.


Here’s a copy of the setup.exe from my radioshack install disc.

And this is what the disc looked like if it helps…


Mine is also catalog number 26-729

Per Apple System Profiler:

Manufacturer: GreenAsia Inc.
Product ID: 0x0003
Vendor ID: 0x0e8f

Claims that it draws 500mA of USB power if anyone cares. :slight_smile:

BTW zombie. Nothing beats this:



thanks, I’ll try it out when I get home.