Radio Shack's PSX>USB converters.......good enough?

I just tried my AC with KOF98 and Garou. Playing 98 was a lot like using the AC to play NeoWave on the Xbox. Qc moves were a bit iffy. Garou steered like a dream. Go figure.

hey how well do those work with jap sticks like the hrap2? that’s what i have and the current radioshack converter i have is terrible for it.
if anything, are there any good imports or such for converters as other options?

The converter you linked is what I use and it works great with my US Hori Tekken 5 stick, modded with all sanwa parts.

I think it should be fine with any of the HRAP models.

If you have any doubts, you can use what i use:

Smart Joy Plus PSX/2 pad-USB converter

It’s what they used to sell at before the site closed down.
Best converter, hands down. This converter even comes with optional software that adds features for key mapping, vibration, and pressure sensitive buttons.




I have an HRAP1 and as much as I like the stick not only does it lag with the converter, it can’t register fast joystick motions. If you plan on using it with that don’t bother. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HRAP2 isn’t much different in that sense.

The StepMania Wiki claims ( that the radio shack adapter can’t handle two button presses at a time. I take it that’s only true if you’re using it with dance pads?

That may only be true for dance pads. With a Dualshock 2 I have no problems doing simultaneous button presses.

really? i’ll have to look into this thing. anyone else have experience with it? if it doesn’t like my hrap2 i’m fucked @A@

Its no different for a HRAP2 I just went out and bought one of these and oh boy its bad it lags and does not register fast joystick motions now I have to buy something else

I recently changed my usb ports clock to 500hz from the standard 125hz and now my converter works like a charm so if you have a hrap and your converter seems to lag and not register motions try it out