Raeli's T-shirt Thread

Over the last few months, I’ve had a few neat ideas on making t-shirts. Specifically, those for… fighting game players… that actually play fighting games. I’ve been dissapointed at a lot of the offerings, and while some of them have been great… others lack that… I dunno, ‘wow’ factor.

I posted one of these as a bit of a joke in a premo thread, and a few people already said they wanted to get their hands on one… so, I present you… this:


The mockup is thanks to the people at customink.com… I didn’t feel like making my own so I put the design on their site to show you all what it’d look like.

This is revision 3 of the design.

Now, I’m not sure if the design needs any more tweaks… but you can suggest them if you’d like. Also, I’m not sure about the font, nor the method of distribution.

Idea 1: use a site like Customink - only thing is I’ll have to do a prebuy for sure.
Idea 2: use a site like cafepress - very easy to handle on my part, but i can’t use up the whole front of the shirt with the design like I can at customink, plus higher prices for you and lower profit for me.
Idea 3: try to find a local screenprinter - probably get them cheaper, but i’ll probably have to buy the shirts myself. on the plus side though, no shipping, probably less wait. but, i’ll have to do a prebuy again.

I dunno. Tell me what you think, oh denisens of IMM. (I posted this here because this is where the NI thread was for a while, and I’m not quite to the ‘design ready to sell’ part.

And hell, if you’re interested in one, tell me something like…

Size (adult sizes only)

just so I can get a quote on how much these’ll cost per shirt in bulk with the sizes you guys’ll need.

I’ve done group shirt buys before.

All I can tell you is that you had better find a REALLY good printing place…seems like more than half the time, the printer drops the ball and people end up screwed.

With that said…I recommend something like cafepress.

If you do a cool Chun-Li or Dictator shirt…I’m in.

Doesn’t need to say E.Honda, and if it does, the box around the words shouldn’t be there. The font is a little blah compared to the over all graphic on the shirt. If you want it to look like an “old” tour shirt then I suggest making the graphic a little worn looking. Like the ink is coming off and cracking.

I like the starburst just not how it ends creating a square

Had a Rufus and Dic shirt in the works. CustomInk from what I’ve heard is the shit, but I’m not quite sure. I’ll ask him about his experience with them.

Well, it would be cool to extend it a bit more, but the more area the effect takes up, the smaller the details get.

Word, might be good to cover my ass legally too.

The box around the words was a biproduct of my mockup theft. Ignore it!

when all else fails… use helvetica!

Too simplistic for me to consider buying, but keep working on it and you’ll end up with something cool, I’d say.


A couple more of my ideas for shirts- had to a bit of leg work on this one, but I think it was worthit Text on it would be ‘GOODBYE!’…

Inspiration came from…

Which I saw on a dude at the mall.

Rufus players would probably love that.

I would dig one that is an outline of Chun doing her “Sorry!” taunt, with the word “Sorry!” at the bottom.

I would so buy a Rufus-bomb shirt, and I don’t even play Rufus :looney:


color version would need simplifying, as more colors = more cash.

edit: these would be 16-18 + S/H each to you


Here’s the color version, if you’re interested in that.

Same price.


And here’s the one I like to call ‘Reversal Ultra’.

best looking out of the lot imo!

Have you got any Sakura or Dan ideas? I imagine Dan would be much more fun. If you do I’d like to send one to my brother in the Air Force, he’s a huge Dan fan.

for shoo:


this design has one vote, from him.

if anyone else wants it, tell me your size and etc and I’ll hook you up with a price.

Well, my Dan ideas are kind of limited because they’d all require using his face… and Capcom is picky with it’s licenses. Although I could imagine I could come up with one with a bit of time.

I’ll let you know what I come up with!


Just a test design as far as Dan goes… only problem with actually doing this is that these shirts cost considerably more! And I have to have an order of at least 6 of them…

Price made me swear pretty hard… for an order of 6 they were like 23-24 each.

Great stuff! :tup:

I want to get into the t-shirt design biz now. Looks fun.

it’s really not as fun as it looks.

like all things in graphic design haha

yea, and look where Quiche put it: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=5610072#post5610072

your thread needs to be removed aswell.