[Raffle Prizes?]

What are you some good prizes to give away at a tournament event?


A date with KayoPolice.

SRK proved it.

Money is always good.

What kind of tournament is it? You could give away stuff that relates to it. e.g. If it’s a fighting game tourney, give away a gold custom-made stick or something.

It’s going to be a SFxTK tournament. Out budget right now for raffles prizes is 50 dollars. It’s to help fundraiser for our group.

Oh, I see. At my old workplace, when we did raffles for charity or whatever, the winner would get half of the total pot. The more money you put in, the more tickets you got. I think it was $2 for like 3 tickets, and $5 for an arm’s length, $10 for two arms’ length…the pricing details are fuzzy.

Xbox Live points cards, PSN points cards.

Cheap console accessory(s)

Meh just do what most places do. Everybody pays to get in and compete, and the top 3 tournament players take away a portion of the money put in.

At a recent one i attended, winner got 60%, 2nd place got 30%, and 3rd got 10%.

Edit: Oh wait, you mean an actual raffle thingy? I dunno. If in doubt, money.