Rage ftw

I’ve decided that I know exactly how the ranking system (Player Points) works in SSFIV and possibly Vanilla. The ranking is as listed;

500-1000PP=Basic moves, no mind games just a bunch of random bullshit (I like to call this PP realm the point of no return due to its scrubiness). LAG.
1000-2000PP=Jump in’s and cross up’s galore that usually result in rage quiting due to the frustration of LAG. AKA SHORYUKEN!!!
2000-3000PP=Decent people to play against but good luck winning against lag. Once you do win a match you better fucking cherish it because your about to fall back into the point of no return due to L-A-G.
3000-4000PP=If you’ve reached this point in Player points why do you honestly bother with online play. Your either trolling/bored/drunk or you honeslty have nothing better to do with your time. Stop playing online because you know you play VERSUS with much better people in person!

Thank you very much I’ve just summarized SSFIV online for you have a nice day!

So. Charlie Sheen, huh? Anyone hear about his recent antics?

You do know it only takes like 50 matches to get to 3,000 PP without losing right?

You can probably get to 4,000 PP w/o even playing 100 matches.

You’re on a roll with terrible threads tonight btw. :tup:

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