Rage of the Dragons Thread

If any of you guys play ROTD and are willing to discuss it from a strategy standpoint…then feel free to post whatever you like. Also, a list of the tiers in the game (if tiers even exist) would be greatly appreciated. I’m sort of new to this game, but I’m getting there in terms of knowledge.

Post away…

from what ive experienced Jimmy is top tier imo. CD combo after team attacks into super OWNED!

This is how I see it.

God Tier:
Abubo. :bluu:

Top Tier:

Mid Tier:

Low Tier:

Alice is the top one because she kills 6 members of the cast almost automatically with her air-CD infinite and she can hold her own with keepaway and good air moves. Kang’s too quick for a grappler, has the best projectile in the game and he can combo into his throw super. Billy and Lynn are just that good all around, strong specials and good anti-air supers. Jimmy would be higher but if he gets wrapped into the Alice infinite it’s over, so he’s 5th.

Oni and Pepe have good, hard-hitting combos, Elias can do life-gain combos with walls and has an anti-air CD, Pupa has a great mix-up game, Cassandra can combo into her CD and can be annoying if played right, but she doesn’t have enough defense and you have to work for your win.

Sonia’s only good with Jimmy (duplex into Jimmy’s CD), Jones is too slow and too limited, Radel doesn’t have any good matchups or pairings and has laggy moves, and Annie’s just terrible.

edit Forgot Kang can get infinited too.

I’d rank Sonia a little higher than bottom but that’s because I play her a good bit w/Cassandra instead of Jimmy. I’m kind of surprised that Pepe isn’t in your top tier list because he’s so versatile and can dish out the damage. He basically has a move for every situation and his specials can be tricky to block like his Temoc, the lightning properties of which can’t be blocked in the air once you block the first hit. The second kick of his d/f B can’t be air blocked. His qcfx2+p super goes through pure projectiles like Sonia’s knives and Jimmy’s fireballs and you can combo a duo super off of his ground CD (haven’t tested the air version yet). Another plus is that he’s one of the few characters with an air throw, but at least you didn’t rank him near the bottom. I kind of thought Oni would be in the top tier because of the defensive barrier properties in his claw specials. They help cover his ass to some extent on lag.

The funny thing about me and fighting games is that the characters I play well as are never in the top tier like Pepe/Pupa, Oni/Cassandra and Sonia. Lynn is the only top tier character I give two shits about (not to take away from the others) and I’ve been messing around with Alice for a bit. I need to try out the CD infinite with her.

The game’s pretty balanced… Oni and Pepe can compete with the top tier really good (and probably win against all of them if they’re played right), but someone had to be dropped down. I don’t know if 7-4-3 would be good tiering.

And yeah, I was debating putting Sonia up.

I pulled off Alice’s inf the other day. It’s stupid easy, but I don’t think it’ll mean me playing as her more than my other characters.

Rasetsu: Are there tournies for this game or is there not a strong enough following for it? If so, would this inf be banned cause it appears as the only CD inf in the game.

I’ve only heard of one tourney, and it was in Hong Kong where anything on a Neo Geo is playable. The game doesn’t have a following in America and many people hate it because of the heavy reliance on combos. It isn’t deep at all, so I can’t see it getting tourney play outside of Hong Kong or some Kaillera fansite.

And the infinite being banned, that’s up to the tourney-holder. It only works on 6 characters (Alice, Kang, Jimmy, Cassandra, Annie, Pupa), but it’s just broken enough to break the game. I don’t think you need it with Alice, she’s good enough to make mid-tier without it anyway.