Rage of the Dragons-Underrated?

Just curious who else has played this game…I really like it…its a great game and has some things in it that they have applied to KOF2k3 etc…what else do people think? Or have people even played/heard of it???


Good game, Billy and Jimmy are my fav chars

I guess double dragon the movie done it for me

its a good game. i like it. just so hard to find since i don’t own a neo-geo.

Terrible game IMO. My friend Danny used to have it in his Neo cab back when we both owned cabs, and it wasn’t worth the $40 he paid for it.

Real Bout 2 will run you $25 and it’s still one of the best fighters of all time if you ask me.

I thought this game suffered from a ridiculous combo system. Something about using the combo attack doing the first 5 hits then skipping the last one and rejuggling the opponent afterwards. I donno I’ve never delved into it or had a reason to play.

Broken. Thats all, Fun but broken as hell.

The combo system was just a harder version of an auto combo system which I didn’t really like though this game had very nice character designs.

I must say…Alice is pretty broken in ROTD…the tag combos are insanity and yes with all that it is a broken game…but it can be fun…I agree RBFF2 is very good…Geese owns that game…

If you want to play it all you have to do is this:

  1. Get a Modded XBOX
  2. Get FBA Alpha XXX, its on there as well as Power Instinct Matrimelee.

Question guys…do you like this game better than Power Instinct Matrimelee?

What is this?

I’m probably going to get the game just to add it to my neogeo MVS collection…the game is funto play. Like everyone has already said game is pretty broke to a certain degree, but I still think the game is pretty interesting. PIM is a better game I think…though there are even infinites in that game ha. Still though I think both games are pretty fun once you learn how it all works.

It’d be alot mroe popular if it were on something other than fucking Neo Geo.

I own a ROTD kit. It’s ok, I still prefer KOF 2k3 over it.

Hohoho! Please do elaborate I’m loving the X-Box even more now! (…and will get it along with the X-Box 360)

It’s retarded, there’s really no point in doing anything OTHER than elaborate re-launching tag combos, since it only takes 1 and some change of them to kill you, typically…

It’s fun to play sometimes but very frustrating too.

its broken as fuck but fun play it on mame pepe ftw

FBA XXX Is final Burn Alpha XXX the latest CPS1 and 2/NeoGeo Emu for Modded Xbox.

Trust me man, get a modded XBOX and your dreams will come true…

i still havent played Rage of the Dragons myself, but my friends have played it on the NeoRage emulator, and they said it was pretty good. i watched them play and the game looks pretty wacky. i dont know…im more of a MatriMellee kind of guy.:razzy:

@Shadow Geese: Even…Double Dragon (NeoGeo)? …and does it support X-Box Live!, i.e. I can play Neo Geo games online if possible?

I really enjoyed the game; it was very colorful, fast, and had enough depth for a person like myself to enjoy. That is, one who isn’t really that great at fighting games, but can still have enough enjoyment from it without learning advanced techniques.
As far as it being under-rated, I really can’t say. It didn’t get that much attention as it is over-shadowed by other Neo Geo and Capcom games. The same could be said for alot of other "under-rated " games.

It doesnt allow online

It does have Double Dragon…yes…I palyed that recently and got to the final boss with Marian…it has all that but does not support online…quite frankly with Final Burn Alpha XXX there is no need for another fighting game emu for 2d fighters for old school games.:karate: