Rage of the Dragons


My arcade has so far refused to get Third Strike, CvS2, or GGXX, so I’m stuck playing on a MvC2 machine that’s so damn low to the ground it hurts my wrists to touch the controls (which, by the way tend to not work very well anyways).

Because of all this, I looked around the place for something new today and came across the well hidden Rage of the Dragons machine in the corner of the arcade and tried it out. The controls are a little sluggish, but it seemed like a decent game- nothing special, but something I could learn just for the hell of it while I wait for some damn arcade within 200 miles to get a Third Strike machine.

Anyways, I’d appreciate it if someone with some knowledge of the game could enlighten me a little bit. First and foremost, is it worth playing, or is it a broken piece of garbage? I could figure that out myself eventually, but I’d rather not dump $5-$10 worth of quarters into the machine for that.


The game’s not supposed to be very competitive. But you should know after a game or two. Combos are super easy, I mean the screen actually tells you what button to press!! but it’s a decent game.


It’s kinda a relaxation game. Like Densetsu said, this game is very decent and not very difficult. Not really hard combos to learn, but for those times that you just want to play a game to pass time or master more, Rage of the Dragons serves its purpose. Also, it follows up on Double Dragons, one of my favorite old-time cartoons and games. Moreso, your appeal to the game will depend on your taste toward it in the first times that you play.


EDIT: I realized that I contradicted myself and reworded Densetsu’s statements…:lol:

Silly me…


Memorize the air combos, then learn it to implement on other combos. Hell I invented some combos out of those…

I don’t have competition on Rage of the Dragons anyway.


Who do you guys like to use?

I like Billy, Elias (how can you NOT like a guy that gets life back at the end of a combo, as well as his super combos), Pupa, and Sonia.

You can get some crazy combos going with those walled arenas. ROTD is a fun little shooter to pass time. I hoped they do this and Power Instinct 4 as a PS2 2-pak someday.


RoD is very fun and almost seriously competitve (almost)

I play Pepe (gotta love those mix ups) , Elias (see Fighter X’s comments) , Billy and his team partner (Sonia ???) just for their reduculously long switch out combos . The game is fun but try not to laugh too hard at Jones and the wrestler guy…they are the real top tier in this game .



I like to use Annie (The cat-girl), Alice, Lynn, and (my utmost favorite) Cassandra.

Annie’s got some good comboing and speed. She makes good use of her clawing attacks, and those psy-stars take out good life.

Alice is just plain cool. She has a different persona than most of the others, using pain and suffering as her power source. Kinda the Iori of this game.

Lynn, with her own Dragon spirit, has come cool moves. Her pokes make for good range and distance.

When I first played RoD and saw Cassandra, her looks reminded me of Psylocke. After trying her out, she seemed a bit awkward at first. However, I stuck with her, figuring out her links and such, and now, she becomes my anchor in every duo. She never leaves my selection.

Cassandra has a powerful super in her feather geyser (Don’t know the true name). It can cancel out the red counter push and still hit the person. It links well to her 5-hit setup combo, but then again, just about everyone’s supers link well to that. Her speed here is good to me, and like Lynn, she has good pokes.



Will RAge of Dragons come to the U.S.???


Its out in the US. I play this game alot now My teams are Annie sonia jimmy billy alice and pepe. Hell I use all of the characters cept the guy with the fro and elias. Also Pupa has to supers. If you hold down D for more than 30 secs it will be a super kick, if you hold it for more than like 50 secs i think it will be a level two super. Annie can combo after her AHVB FB (AHVB C) then just run and do a move or the impact. Ill post some more stuff later.