Rage punched SF SE controller, stick no longer works

So I was playing street fighter x tekken when i got caught in a cammy/marduk combo from hell, and the stick wouldn’t let me tag out so I lost the match, couldn’t contain my rage so I punched the controller over the buttons.

And now the stick wont work!?

i measured the stick and its not broken, it has to be something with a pcb?
Is there any charts over the pcb’s?

Does anyone have an idea what happened?

thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: the buttons still work!

EDIT2: Fixed it…

Have you opened the stick to see if there are any detached wires/cables?

Well i opened the stick again and whent over it with a multimeter, and it seemed fine.

Somehow i punched the buttons so hard that the switch upper left corner jumped sideways and disabled the stick… hehe.

Thanks for your help!