Rage quit system worse than the actual rage quitters


The system does not work as promoted. I know of two people who had power issues and when the power comes back on they have been docked LP and locked out of online. Same crap happened to me in SF4 once when the power went out. How hard is it the program a system where the person who disconnected gets a loss and the other person gets the win? The sales are already in the toilet, how do they expect to sell more copies when the word gets out the game may punish you if the power goes out?


Con Edison needs to git gud.


The people working on SFV’s online infrastructure are just a bunch of morons.


Are you sure they are a bunch? Wasnt it just one dude?


But you need three quits to get punished, right?


This assumes that the game can count correctly.


[quote=“ErikkuSama, post:5, topic:180850”]

But you need three quits to get punished, right?[/http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2016/aug/23/street-fighter-5-player-hit-rage-quit-penalty-after-restarting-game-training-mode/


So you quit a match and got punished for it? Sounds like the system works just fine, you just seem to have power supply issues. Maybe fix your end first?


Life isn’t fair. I’d rather have it this way and have an extremely small percentage get punished than for nobody to get punished at all.

Also, where do you live where a power outage is a normal concern for you? A non-weather based power surge is something that should only happen a few times a year and only for a couple of seconds each time.


I had a house in Burton Michigan right across the street from the police, Fire, post office, ect and our side of the Street Would lose power randomly 6-8 a years almost always in the dead of winter or asscrack of summer but the government side never went out. Sometimes just for a couple of hours, sometimes for several days


Agree. it sucks

Once you are platinum/diamond, you rarely runs into rage quitters, but with this system you are forced to play against laggers/cheaters


In a 1 on 1 game I see no reason for there to be ANY penalty for quitting apart from receiving a loss. There are no teammates to let down so if I decide that I would rather lose than keep playing, that’s my decision to make. It’s my own damn time.

Yeah you could argue that it’s annoying to have an opponent disconnect if you were hoping to play a full set against them but I doubt people are going to be TOO disappointed if it counts as a win. All things considered the current system is much worse since being stuck in a laggy match is hell.


Disconnects in the first 10 seconds of the first round shouldn’t count as a rage quit. This way it would be possible to see if the match is playable or not and quit in case of heavy lag. But I’m not sure if it’s possible to implement this.


The video doesn’t tell how many times he quit before that happened.


could be possible but that system would be highly abusable.


What’s stopping people from quitting against someone with high LP or a character you don’t want to fight?


True that.

Also I agree on this system being better than nothing, but sadly it also shows what priority Capcom is putting on making online a fine experience, when this is all they came up with a year after the first beta.

Yeah ragequitting (and desyncs) was already in the beta and nobody at Capcom identified that as a problem


Some games allows you to see who you will fight before choosing to accept the match or not (SFIV, UNIEL and Xrd are the ones I know) even in rankeds. Of course, in those games you can’t see which characters your opponent will use, but after playing with them once you already know the answer.

Of course, the better solution is always giving the win to the guy that didn’t DC’ed, but it seems that’s not possible in this game. IMO the possibility of quitting an unplayable match is worth the risk of having people avoiding you because they are scared to fight.


Servers were fucked the other night and I got disconnected at LOADING screen twice back to back. Boom, 1k pt loss and ban. Sigh.


Days?!? Wow sorry, I didn’t know it was that bad, I thought we (America) had the electricity on lockdown everywhere.