Rage Quitter or Beta Hiccup/Bug?

I was playing a Cammy player today and it was read city. Everything he did I had the appropriate counter button/move ready to go. Second round comes and i have him down to the last 20-30% and I land a KD. I back dash 2-3 times to better react to wake-up/mash can of sprite or super…but he did nothing. I casually dash up and the moment I see him take a step forward do I CA…Psycho Crusher kills him…when he hits the wall and it said KO the screen immediately turned black and I received and error that “Connection to opponent lost” {10009}.

Not sure what to make of that.

Whenever I’ve had the connection drop, it’s been mad laggy up until it dropped, so probably rage quit. The rage is strong in this game. I’ve had a bunch of people refuse to play me and just stand there. I’ve done the same at times, was like so salty about nash’s bs, game feels pretty broken in a lot of ways. Yours was probably a Ken player using Cammy, you can sort of tell by how they play.

This match had no lag from what I can remember. My initial thought was the Psycho Crusher literally broke the build. I’ve gotten better, but not the point I felt to make someone Rage Quit.

80% of Nash players I’ve ran into

  • LP Sonic Boom >dash up low forward
  • MP Sonic Boom…V-trigger attempt for combo

The rage is definitely strong…there have been a few times where I’ve lost and I pray to Buddha that a rematch button suddenly appears. Never RQ though, I will take the L.

I almost feel typecasted, lol. I’ve never ragequit though, and I’m assuming you mean SFIV Ken and I quit that game a while back for BlazBlue. I do remember how bad it was online in Vanilla though.

Anyway, I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me once in the Beta, but I think it was against a Ryu. Punished a whiff with a f.HK combo into CA and got the ‘Opponent Disconnected’ pop-up right as the animation was ending and the K.O. popping up. Didn’t put it in my match log either.

I feel this. I had to stop playing for a bit between some sets just because of the salt. The times where I get destroyed don’t even get to me, it’s when the matches are close and I can’t rematch.

I’ve done this a few times, but not from salt, more specifically when I’m wanting to play with something specific, and no training room record means I can’t (specifically, messing with Ryu’s parrys.)

I actually had 2 matches against 2 other Ryus where they figured it out and we messed around with parry together for 3 rounds.

I’ve played 3S for 15 years now, but I’ve never experienced as much anguish in that game as I have over the past 5 days of the beta.

After my fantasy draft last night I was feeling great, I had a great draft in my 14 man league. I figured I’d show off to my friend my newly re-discovered skills. My Bison is mid-teens level. Good but not great. I proceed to go 0-5…against some Bullshit tech. I swear I almost broke my headset.

I was too scarred by the original beta, like how hard it was to get logged in, to RQ. The rage was real enough for me to know that if you have v trigger ready, you can’t taunt until you’ve activated it - taunt/v trigger option select.