Rage Quitter Research/Survey


Hi guys,

I’m new here. I became a member in the early part of January because I genuinely wanted (and still do) to get better at Street Fighter 5 so I could participate in tournaments. I don’t want to be pro. I just want to experience a fighting tournament experience.

However, once rage quitting in SFV took center stage, I decided to research it. I wanted to see which SFV character was the most popular by rage quitters.

So I’ve done the research, but now I don’t see any correlations in tier list and in characters that are easy to use. I have an idea why, but at the moment I don’t have any credible proof for that being the case. Which is where you guys come in.

I have done a survey to see what the most popular SFV character is. I know DLC characters are on the way which is why I am doing this now as opposed to later.

Could you guys please fill out the survey? You have to have a google account to fill it out. I did this so I wouldn’t get duplicate responses.

Thank you!


I also did a funny rage quitting PSA if you’re interested.




this is why no one likes you new idiots, yall dont know how to read


Already a thread…


Who bitch this is?


you could just crawl the online leaderboards and tally up how many players are using each character. the game is on PC so you could’ve easily written a bot that would automate the process for you.

but no, make a stupid thread in the wrong section of the shoryuken forums, and get inaccurate results by surveying people who probably don’t even play SF5, that works too.


Wow… Now I kind of see what some of you old timers went through when the 08-09ers joined SRK during SFIV’s release.


It’s gonna be a tough year to be on GD.


How the fuck you miss the SFV forum? It’s the first thing you see.


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I hope op rage quits this site.


Fucking 16ers. They’ll never know how good fighting games were back in the day, like vanilla MvC3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Well I didn’t put it on the SFV thread because it technically isn’t SFV related it’s just a survey where you just pick you’re favorite character. But now that I know there’s a thread for it I’ll just post it over there.

But this thread does open up new research avenues. So is this board as much as a meritocracy as the fighting games you play? Because I haven’t done anything to “earn your respect” it’s expected I get shit talked and insulted?



Fear not fellow GD’ers! This case is already in the bag!

This is an extremely obvious lie, or glancing over of the facts. Look at these snips from the opening post, if you would.

Here you admit that if it were not for Street Fighter 5, you would not even have an account here.

And by combining these two statements, the court can clearly see that without this survey pertaining to information gathering for Street Fighter 5, that this very thread would not even exist!!! You made a thread to find out what the most popular SF5 character is among people in SRK, did you not? Is this not Street Fighter 5 related? Because I can tell you that it is. It is the foundation laid for this thread that you made, and if it was not so, this thread would not be here. Yet it is.

Fortunately it’s easier to figure out than that.

Take a look at this link.
Now look under the title for “General Discussion”.
"Discuss anything you like. But if you’re talking about fighting games, please take it to Fighting Game Discussion!"
Yet here you are, having made a thread where the key concept of the thread is related to a fighting game. In the very sub-forum next to the sub-forum where this is supposed to have been posted, which is directly underneath ANOTHER sub-forum that is even more appropriate for this thread.

Bluntly put, you showed no regard for the signs next to the entrance here, and now no regard is being shown for you. Though there always is a fair amount of hazing for new people making stupid mistakes here. Suffer through them and learn your lessons, and you just may become welcome here. Pay attention to stickies and shit.

Charges: Fucking up when making a thread. Lying during damage control.



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No, you get shit talked for posting dumb shit in the wrong section. :coffee:

I understand your ego makes it easier to think “they shit talk me because I’m new” but the truth of the matter is, in every wave of newbies, only the ones who post dumb shit or shit in the wrong section catch shit.

And the guys who been here for years still catch shit for posting dumb shit too.


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