Rage Quitters in hdr xbox live

I decided to record rage quitters in HDR, I’ve made some funny videos about them and posted them on youtube. This is my latest one:



Funny since you Rage Quit when I “used turbo”.

Are people still accusing you of using turbo, JigglyNorris? I’ve seen your YouTube controller vid and played you quite a bit. You’re definitely turbo-free.

We should get a “Wall of Shame” thread stickied here in the HDr forum.

Just to keep track of these losers.

Yeah, I refer them to the link of me playing, and this fight of Mayakon: [media=youtube]9OX8gdR1va4&feature=channel_page[/media]

You see him jabbing very fast there, but nobody calls him a cheater. Irrepressible said I was using turbo (and to my knowledge, he still thinks I do), then reported me for “cheating”. I bet whoever read that laughed, because using a controller WITH turbo on it in the first place is completely legit (though I don’t approve of it).

Oh, here’s some other idiot:http://s65.photobucket.com/albums/h206/redfield999/?action=view&current=untitled.jpg

same thing happens with me jiggly :-/

I was just thinking…wouldn’t this thread already exist in the online forums?

Things that make ya go…hmmmm.

Least I’m not the only one.

Heh… me as well.
You only need to be able to tap a button about 10 times per second to get the most out of rapid jabbing, which isn’t hard at all. Bloody morons.

Most of the time I get it when I mash out of holds / dizzies in half a second. Or when I land Zangief’s hold on someone and eat a third of their life because they’re too dumb to mash out of it. People seem to underestimate how much of a boost a decent stick can give you when it comes to doing that.

You should try doing insta-mashing-specials too.
e.g. Pick Chun and tap HK 3 times so fast that the normal move kara-cancels straight into Lightning Legs.

It’s really hard to do without autofire, but just about possible with good technique and a bit of practice, and a surefire way of getting less-than-polite questions about your controller.

I have the same problem when I cancel crouching light kick into Hundred Hand Slap. I guess it’s just hard for people to imagine someone spending countless hours in training mode to perfect something like that.


They didn’t play enough Strider and they sure can’t type 100 wpm. :slight_smile: I can get up to 16 button presses a second if I flex my bicep just right.

Aw man, that dude just absolutely destroyed my score in Type Attack! He must be using macros!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe em!

i hate all you cheating t.hawk players. stop tramautizing me. why is it only t.hawk players know how to 720?! :crybaby:

2 more rage quitters to look out for


coN and JohnnyJustice: take it to the PMs, please. No one needs to witness this.

  • James

**Will do jchen. **

heres another rage quitter exposed:

Rage Quitters Hall Of Shame pt 17

Mr Irepressible you really are a quite pathetic example of the sorts of people out there on the internet.

I have played some good people, i have won some rounds lost some round, ocasionally i have beaten some good players but few are as frustraiting and ridiculas as you and i have certainly played better than you.

You might well have some fighting skills but if all else fails it all turns into a latency abusing Guile sonic boom chip damage fest. You win by boring people to tears. Further to that you smack people over the mike. Someone of your skill level should clearly be setting a better example of how to behave in a sporting fashon and not acting like a grade A dick. Smacktalking is for children. Try that in real life and you’ll get an elbow in your face.

Go ahead keep posting these rage quitters but in my book you are worse than them with your attitude. For the record before you reply with some ballshit i have pulled the plug on you but only after about 3 fights in a row out of boredom and seconds into round 1. Not when loosing. I will continue to do that if i get you fight after fight because i find you extreamly boring. I know playing like thats within the rules and thats fine you carry on but dont get on your high horse.

For the record i cant stand last round rage quitters either.

Can we make this a bannable offense ?

go ahead ive had my say. Commenting on someones smacktalking shound indeed be bannable.

He still a pussy in my book because he quits on me due to the fact that I use turbo. >_>