Rage Quitters make me rage

Every fucking day I play this game I get about 3 people rage quitting on me in ranked matches. What gives, man? I don’t find this game fun at all (opposed to other fighting games). People take it too seriously. You should hear they people on microphones in lobbies btw. All hostile. Even the people on my friends list rage and whine. I can’t take this game anymore. I’m the one winning almost all the time and I just can’t seem to find peace in this game yet. Is it just me?

I wouldn’t mind it so much if ragequit actually gave you win and the other person a loss. The way I see, if they ragequit, they just made the inevitable shorter.

Instead they have this retarded system about people ragequitters with other ragequitters. Really makes up for wasting my time looking and playing for a ranked game.

Do you have Arthur and Sentinel on your team? Do you super jump the entire match? I’ve had very few people ragequit on me unfortunately, but I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. It’s good for your ego and prevents you from facing a lvl 3 X-Factor’d character.

Ease of use Sentinel caused few to rage quit, besides that I beat some 2nd lord rank guy and he quit so he wouldn’t de-rank. In a way I take all my loses and don’t really care but at the same I just pick the same characters such as Sentinel because even if I win or lose I know I wouldn’t be trying as much.

I celebrate. I enjoy making people RQ. I INTENTIONALLY do my best to make people want to quit. I never taunt, though. Extended length combos, Sentinel, Wesker, shooting his characters as often as possible, teleporting every chance I get, standing still, dashing under super jumps, etc.

I’ve had a few due to that.


By the way, I use Arthur as my main character. The people that ragequit just because they are losing the upper hand or just because you killed their Sentinel/Ace Card…What are they doing playing Ranked Matches anyway?, If they don’t feel like losing points, they should use the Player Matches.

are both rage quitters. beware.

If you’re a Sentinel player and you ragequit, especially if the team you lost to didn’t have sentinel on it, you should probably sell your game.

Ragequitting doesn’t really bother me unless it’s in the first match against the ragequitter. I can understand somebody losing 5-1 in Player Match and then pulling the plug…but in the middle of the first fight or right after the first fight? That’s just stupid. Still, I make sure to send a very sarcastic “ggs” to the ragequitters.

I fought a guy yesterday who beat me, but I was a little confused by his records, he had 200+ wins and no losses, but only a win streak of 2.

Dropper maybe, or some screw up with the stats. But if hes gone through 200+ battles dropping any losses, how many must you drop to get into the droppers bracket lol.

People drop on me left and right in this game. It doesn’t bother me anymore though. The game is just that, A GAME, and the number or points or rank or whatever don’t even matter…but

If you can really effect just one person playing run away magneto then you made a difference.

I get a lot of ragequits for using simple mode

Six Ginger Kids: “u r garbage”

This is after he spent nearly 99 seconds doing nothing but running and spamming with Sent with an Akuma tatsu assist. Im new to this game so it took a lot of effort to beat his ass. And just as I hit him with a hyper to kill his Dante, he rage quits… then messages me

Normal Mode is Simple enough as it is…

wait so if someone ragequits on you when it doesn’t count as a win for you? whaaaa?

If I had a picture of those Mofos, I would make a curleh mustache archive.

I find it amusing. I also get happy when I see “rage quitter has sent you a message” afterwords.

Well Seth has said that if you ragequit enough time the system will only pair you with other rage quitters.

So give it a few months and all the rage quitters will be playing each other instead of you.

Time solves everything!

Why would they make you rage? You won, they embarrassed them selves and they saved you time. I thank every rage quitter.

rage quitter makes everyone rage, not just you


like a boss