Rage Suicide -- The NEW Rage Quit

I guess since word has gotten out about the rage quitter ghetto, it seems that a lot of quitters on MVC3 have taken to the next best thing: basically, they stop fighting back and LET you kill them, either standing in place and not blocking at all or just spamming ridiculous attacks that they don’t expect to work.

Like Rage Quitting, I get a perverse satisfaction when I make someone Rage Suicide, exposing a scrubby player for what they are. However, just for giggles, after they stop fighting back, I stop attacking. I just retreat to the opposite end of the screen and practice my V-jumps and wavedashing, letting the time run out. Way I figure it, if they want to waste my time, then I’ll waste theirs.

What do the rest of y’all think? You come across a lot of rage suicides in your MVC3 play?

The only time I do this is when it’s obvious I’m not gonna win–like, if there’s about 10 secs left and the guy has XFC activated with two characters left compared to my one character. Never looked at it as some sort of ragequit.

Regardless of the quitters hell stuff, people still drop like crazy if they really don’t want to lose.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call that a new form of RQ really. I do it if the lag/input delay is HORRENDOUS, or there’s like little time left and I KNOW I lost…or sometimes I do it at the beginning of a match for those mindgames lol.

somebody did this to me the other day, it’s always better when you can hear them on the mic like “oh my god” or “just kill me you ***”

considering this game is hella comeback friendly I don’t know why anybody would stop fighting, in some games yeah but not this one.

I have a peeve with the bolded, kinda spiteful there man but whateva :lol:

I rage suicide when I get exposed, I mean why just delay the inevitable? But only when I used up x-factor and the other dude has me in 3vs1 situation.

And sometimes real life comes knocking and I stop playing mid match. Sucks but what can ya do.

I get this a lot… from Phoenix players.

I just keep running the clock, knowing nix players it is probably an underhanded trick to lure people into giving them D.Nix.

a real rage suicide is in the form of yoshimitsu’s seppuku, not running out the clock, but that’s a totally different game :slight_smile:

That’s pretty lame. I’ve had 3v1 comebacks without x-factor. I’ve also seen such comebacks many times. Hate to bring it up because it’s probably going to be a generic response for these kind of things, but when Combofiend clutched Marn, he had already used up his x-factor. Now sure a 1 on 1 where one character has 1mil+ hp vs the other who has like pixels of hp is much more manageable than a 3 on 1 but still, he knew any little thing would chip him. But he kept on the offensive (keep in mind had he lost he had at least 2 more games), knowing that he could get killed easily.

This is another one that’s pretty generic, but have you guys forgotten Justin’s crazy comeback on Yipes? Did you guys forget that for 10 years, a game called Marvel vs Capcom 2 had no such thing as X-factor? He clutched a 3 on 1 game without any additional help such as XFC but here people are so willing to give up when there’s still a chance. Obviously no one is at that level of play, but still I don’t think giving up should ever be an option.

Way I see it, giving up in any sense shows your weakness.

Yes, because I’m definitely coming back 1 v 3 with 5 seconds left with no XF…

I should have been clearer. But yeah this.

Once the the clock goes red, it would take too much time just getting all the 3 characters in IF I somehow got them all to eat a combo as soon as they get in.

Nobody cares about the rage quitters and nobody cares about the people who whine about them.

Use this forum to extend and spread your knowledge of the game and stop cluttering it with this trash.

I agree.

Calling it a rage suicide is random. Some matches are just over. :smile: