Well, I know better than to get madcatz gear, I really do. When guilty gear version 1 was out, a madcatz control crumbled in my friends hands as I watched. At another point in time, my madcatz memory card errased all my data near the end of FF 7. And now, my Mad catz SF stick that I dropped 70 bucks for at gamestop died stick just stopped working… I hate them so much…

The FAQ thread said that Hori is the next thing I should go with unless I can get this POS fixed, which I know I can’t. Looked into a custom stick, cant find below 200… There are some horis on ebay for around 59 dollars, but I dont know if that particular model is any good. Then there is the black Horis, which seem to be around 130. I guess my question is, is the 59 dollar horis any good? Id like to go cheaper, but if the quality is substantially different, I’ll pay the extra 75…

In short, no, the Hori Fighting Stick line is not good.

What happened with your SE stick?

Missing Person is correct, the Fighting Stick line is for the general public, while the Real Arcade Pro series is more for the dedicated players.

They boast a better build quality, and parts similar to the arcade machines.

If you have not modded your SE, you can and should consider contacting Madcatz to see about support.
If you did mod it, then perhaps opening it up again to check connections, or replace the stick ( for around 25 bucks US including shipping)

If you end up purchasing the replacement stick you can use it in the SE case, or sell your SE shell and parts and make possibly 45 dollars towards a new Hori or Madcatz stick. ( I purchased an SE case for 28, and I assume the buttons would go a dollar a piece ?)

Oh wow, I didnt know people would buy the parts like that. Thanks for the info there. I did pop open the case to look at it to see if any parts had come undone, and I did sorta take it apart… I think I want the real arcade pro series. I’m getting to the point where I need a solid stick anyways. I’ve got my characters down pad, I can beat the scrubs, now I need responsivness.

Damn…Its about time to start making your own FS so you can know whats wrong with it and fix it on the spot.

So what exactly did happen with your stick? Did it stop being reconginzed as a USB device? Or did the joystick or the buttons stop responding?

If the latter, you might be able to save yourself some money and just buy the replacement parts. A Sanwa JLF and some OBSF’s would cost you around half of what the HRAP would cost you, and an SE stick is really easy to swap parts in and out of.

If the former, you might be able to still get Madcatz to help get your stick working again.

No matter which way you go, hope you get a quality stick soon.

Dont complain about buying a $70 POS stick when all you had to do was ask someone here who would have told you the same. You could have gotten alot better stick for about $30 more if you had looked in the right place. HORI makes the same shitty $70 sticks too. ugh stfu with the insults

Id pay you 40$ for your SE, Haha but if you want to get a real arcade series might i suggest a stick

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (Custom - Sanwa Parts) PS3 Dominoes Edition

Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (Custom - Sanwa Parts) Xbox 360 ELITE BLACK

Also Madcatz SE Sticks are known to be shit out of the box everyone mods them with sanwa parts normally out of box, But it’s your PC You forgot to open your SE Stick and take the metal washer that scratches the pcb and eventually ruins the stick, But it is replaceable with a sanwa stick, Id also pick up sanwa button’s really easy to swap, But if you really want HRAPS Go for it, But make sure you get one with seimitsu or sanwa parts

I personally prefer seimitsu.

Well first, the kick buttons stopped working. Got them working again, and it was good for about 2 weeks, now the stick wont respond at all. As far as getting a replacement stick, yeah I think I’ll do that. I mean, I have the case, If nothing else I can just replace stuff as it goes out, eventually itll be all reliable parts anyways, right?

@ Tim- dude, really? I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with the company. And I bought the stick on a whim with the game. I came to this forum to look for a custom stick, and when I realized they were out of my price range, I made this thread. Take some depresants or something, have a beer. sheesh.

I didnt know about the metal washer thing, either. I will definatly be watching this particular section of the forum more closely from now on. I usually come to SRK and go streight to the character forum that I am wanting to look at. I never realized that sticks were so…touchy.

Exactly, although I only played on mine stock for a few days, then swapped out everything all at once.

Glad to see you’re set on that. The SE’s are honestly not horrible, just the parts are, but most of us knew that before we bought them; we bought them because of the easy modability. It’s like the difference between the SE and TE is the difference between a stock Honda Civic and a Lamborghini – Out of the box, you get what you pay for.

I may have been mis-understood.

I’m a big Madcatz fan, I’m currently working on a scheme to get a Round 2 TE (cuz of the black sides, instead of the white ones on my current TE). I have the Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick too, same as the SE in heart, and I would totally push someone to purchase the Madcatz products above the SE level… like the TE, TE Round 2, SE, and the BlazBlue version of the TE.

In the past I’ve owned a bunch of Hori pads, and a RAP, good stuff, no complaints. The “you get what you pay for” phrase should not apply. 70 bucks US is nothing to scoff at.

But I agree with Soundpross - its time to start building your first custom… gut your SE (since you voided the warranty), sell the parts you wont use (the 360 PCB is more valuable than the ps3 one), get a Chimp/Cthulhu or hack a 360 common ground pad, and get in touch with a stick builder. You’ll spend a bit more, alot more probably, but you’ll get something you helped make (make or assemble, create sounds way better, but slightly pretentious).

Look around the tech talk forum for other people doing their first builds… learn from them, and join the dark side… I’ve got 7 sticks in various states of usability… its an addiction…

Dont gut your SE you can mod all the parts there easy swap in and out there’s tutorials for it to keep the SE harness on just use hotglue normally you got it laying around or a grandparent/relative does.

Lol alright. I do plan on getting a custom stick, I just need something to get my by presently. I got AWA and Dragon con next month, So I am already considering myself broke until december.

Buy 6 Sanwa buttons from ArcadeShock 6+ Button’s is free shipping still i think, then get a JLF from Lizardlick.com with a balltop or just use your MADCATZ SE’s Stick’s balltop if you want to penny pinch

Ok, so I remembered I have a damn good stick i bought a while back from a friend in texas (Legndary Goku, owner of a website called Justdefend if anyone knows of it…), anyways, i bought the stick from him. It’s got a PS2 output on it, however. can I maybe salvage the parts and transfer the stick to my SE?

Hell, maybe the buttons too.


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I dont think so, But you can buy a converter, for your xbox, Im pretty sure or for your PS3 whichever you have.
Or if you want to holdon to that PS2 Stick, Maybe i can purchase it from you? Ive been looking for a PS2 stick recently actually, Id love to see the entire stick, Also are the buttons 30mm?

PM me to continue this further, I cant make a post in the trading forum yet.

But staying on topic, It’s too bad I can’t migrate that stick over… its a nice stick.

You can’t migrate the stick because the stick isn’t using a PCB Harness Connection like the CatzStick, It’s directly soldered to the microswitches

So this stick- (as far as which one, not neccisarily that price)

100% SANWA Japanese Arcade Joystick JLF-TP-8YT-SK Green - eBay (item 290459538810 end time Aug-30-10 00:05:24 PDT)

6 of these

Sanwa Push Button OBSF-30 (WHITE)

and…I should be good, right? Thinking about maybe an octogon gate. Then I just swap em out on the stick and be good to go.