Ragequit 2.0?


I’ve never really complained about rage quitting, in fact, I take pride when I beat people so badly they feel the need to disconnect their console/PCs.

I was actually kinda hoping the new Ragequit hell system wouldn’t be perfect so I could make a photomontage from screenshots of disconnection screens…

Alas, the ragequit is all but gone… I’ve gotten a total of 3 ragequits since the game came out till now…

What I have noticed today is something new… I played about an hour worth of games just now…of those games the lag was perfect until I had a substancial lead… then suddenly lag comes out of nowhere, half my inputs register, and I have to do quarter circle motions slowly for the game to register…

THIS bugs the crap outta me, way more than ragequitting ever would/could (in fact it never did bother me…) anyone else notice this phenomenon…? Do you think this is the RageQuit of MvC3? I certainly hope not. It’s REALLY frustrating… sometimes I’ll lose because of this… while they win due to random lag spamming…

I can beat them, took me a few games to get used to it (I still eat rush down in lag If i don’t keep away once it starts… or they’re so bad that they don’t try any mixups…, can’t get the pushblock right… =( ), but it’s just me using lag tactics for a quarter to half the match depending on when they do this… I would quit, but no. Ragequit hell ._. argh…

I’d much rather they remove ragequit hell and deal with those occasionally than this, if this is to replace it…


People are always gonna try something to win. Humans by nature just dont like to lose so its something you’ll see in a game where there’s not much gratification unless u win. Its not like SFIV where the damage is low and there’s always a chance to derp out with a DP or an ultra. You’ll pretty much have to force lag so u can spam supers or projectiles in lag to avoid losing to pressure and juggles that will kill you very fast if you’re not good at the game.


The new ragequit is only getting one game from each person because everyone is so salty when they lose they quit after a single loss.


It’s been like that for some time since late SF4. It’s amazing that many people got skills to fight through that lag though.


Seriously? Tonight I got 3 ragequits within a span of 4 games.

I don’t know how many games it takes before someone gets sent to Ragequitter Hell, but it’s not happening fast enough for me.


this shit happened to me last night, I was whooping this kids ass, then out of no where. it got to the point sentinel was on one side of the screen, and then 2 seconds later he was on the other side dead… I was like WTFFFFF lol. I ended up winning at which point he then disconnected at the results screen…


I dunno about that. But I sure do get lots of hatemail and surprisingly salty winners too. Just baffling!

Like I had this match where I managed to beat a runaway Sentinel with my Storm, he was doing ok at running and I managed to block well and punish, but it took time. In the end he started mashing supers with his two remaning chars and I forgot about the timer. I lost to time out with a very close remaining life. And the dude sends me a salty hatemail, trying to call me a scrub saying he owned me and shit. o_O

At least I learned something good from that match, I can hold my own against a runaway Sentinel and I’m getting the hang of most of my whiff punishers and block punishers for Sent’s S attack.


Some people rage quit to get higher ranks. Though back in SF4 I took my loses but overall just no lifed in playing a lot as getting a very high rank with most wins. That’s how people get good, just playing a shit load.


ragequit more, then you’ll find more ragequitters.

its genius


when someone ragequits on you, both parties get marked as ragequitting, right? since they won’t be able to tell who’s connection dropped? I have people ragequitting on me a few time in Ranked, but I’m surprised I get rq’s in the Lobby matches where there aren’t any ranking involved.


No. When you disconnect you specifically get a crazy message that says “YOU WILL BE PENALIZED FOR PREMATURELY DISCONNECTING”


AWESOME!!! Love it!!!


those are called lag switchers , they’ve been around since I started playing fighters online via emulators , they’re pretty common on TvC online too , idk about SSF4 since I dont have the game

never met any yet in MvC3 but I bet they’re jsut as annoying as any other game they do that in


@Lord BBH, 3/4 ragequitters?! That’s crazy.


I’ve never meet as many ragequitters as in mvc3. I love writing them offensive messages :wink:


stop ragequtting and you wont fight so many ragequitters


Do people actually do this? Use some external device to create lag?

I’ve ran into this problem numerous times but I’ve always just assumed it was a really bad coincidence lol. Sooo naive.


they usually start a download on a computer that is on the same network as the console they’re playing on , you can usually notice it by the lag not being the same on all rounds , it usually starts fine , then on round 2 if you have the lead , it suddenly starts lagging a lot

yea , people go that far to get wins


This is what I experience… nothing like looking at a guys “card info” (or whatever it is) to see he has a lot of loses. I pick a random team to just try out some characters, get caught with my assist out in one wrong super. 2 dead characters for me. He wins then backs out. I just sit in shame shaking my head. My 650 wins to his 13 lol


Lagswitching has been a part of online play damn near since their conception. Hell in online shooters people basically use a lightswitch that they can toggle on and off to lag at their discretion.
Not relevant to MvC3, but this is something lagswitching can do on other games.