Ragequit 2.0?


I guess I just don’t play enough online games then lol… Yeah. today I had one that was extremely obvious… it was perfect until I took out one of his characters (in like the first 10 seconds or so) then as his second character kicks in, it LAGS HORRIBLY, until he gets me to my last character at 1/4 health… BAD MOVE. X factor -> super. dead… I had no hesitation doing that because he was obviously mashing… (oh, it was pretty eve with the lag (he took out my phoenix instantly in the lag), so it was 1v1 at the end, I didn’t catch an assist or anything…) and he was landing combos 100% I couldn’t even do a magic series without dropping something after 4 hits or so…

the miraculous unlag at the end just as he was about to win… priceless =)

yeah, really, it wasn’t obvious to me that people would do something like this… I really only play super turbo, HDR, and MvC3 online…


I have maybe gotten like 2 or 3 Rage quitters since I got the game on launch day. However I’ve gotten quite a few of the lag switches on me. And about what thecapsaicinkid said how many games should you give someone before you quit? Unless the lag is really bad I at least give the person 1 Rematch before quitting (more if it was a good close match and I didn’t get slaughtered both times.) I think that’s enough.


People play this game online?


If your in a lobby is 5+ people it’s understandable. Watching cards hump each other for 15+ minutes till your next match is a bit ridiculous.


people cant rage quit to get to higher ranks. it doesnt make sense since you lose ranking experience points whenever you rage quit. u also drop ur rank. so… dont rage quit -_-. people rage quit on me everytime, and i tease them with the fact that they’re losing a lot more actually. they always rage quit whenever i piss them off with phoenix fireball spam.


Has the loss in rank points been confirmed? Last night, a 4th Ranger rank player rage-quit on me, when I decisively beat him a second time.


hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is false, if your modem has a standby switch and you’re NAT 1 you can DC and not get penalized, it will simply say “lost connection to the other player, the game will now be terminated” and there’s no loss on your record, also any win streak will stay in place, if you’re hooked up to a router or just pull your plug it’s a different story as the connection is completely broken which equals a loss and penalty for DCing :slight_smile:


Rage quitters suffer, with or without rank deduction. I don’t need a metric to know they’re screwing themselves over. Online rank is nothing, honor and some semblance of integrity is everything. It holds value even over winning and losing. So it doesn’t matter to me the statistical fate of rage quitters.


not with the number of people playing online, all they see is your rank, maybe in a more civilized/smaller community but with MvC online last time i checked there’s no honor/integrity system in place.


Uhhhh… [citation needed] lol :rofl: and don’t say Halo MLG because that’s nowhere near being classed as a competitive FPS (probably the FPS equivalent of Smash Bros.).


I would imagine that they have lag on their end too, so if we win and they obviously dont have a handle on the game it can seem like we are whoring them out.

I got some hate mail tonight from a guy, obviously he couldnt deal with Storm chip with Morrigan meter assist, if I was a novice player with Chris/Hulk I would have been gagging on the other side of the screen as well with no idea on how to get over.

On the flip side, I played an Arthur/Doom and the lag was just enough to make some quasi-Duc Spiral/Sent ish bullshit trap from full screen. I knew it was only some shit that would happen in a lag-situation.

I guess what im saying is its only shitty when you’re losing.


i fought against these 2 players in ranked, that have unbelievable win rate
first one , around 300 wins, and 3 loses -> 5th lord
second, 293 wins, 1 lose -> 6th lord

but strangely, I don’t see XXX win streaks message on their profile, and they’re both from brazil (at least from the flag), but they are pretty good and beat me, so I don’t know whether they are quitter or not


You could also adept to the lag. I know when I have steady lag 3-6 seconds, I just press the buttons prematurely and count. You will get used to it after a thousand games. I don’t even notice it anymore, I just ignore the lag and start counting.

This wouldn’t be possible in street figher, but you got so many frames for most combos in mvc3 that it’s kinda funny.

And ragequitters. Just laugh at them, and don’t play to win or to get high ranks. Play to get better and discover flashy/practical, but most importantly NEW combo’s to keep you from getting bored. top 100 has like 30% boosted people in it, nobody cares about it.


Its usually the “New Kids” that rage quit. Its to be expected cause this ain’t no FPS game. Shit requires patience, determination and skill.


Its safe to say that habit will make your offline game atrocious.


ragequit 2.0 is when you do something to make your opponent completely stop putting in inputs like “i don’t care anymore, please just kill me now,” and you recognize this and you bring them down to a pixel or two and you refuse to finish them off, instead you just fly around super jump around. the opponent gets impatient then rage quits foreal.


Ive been getting ALOT or rage quits since reaching 4th lord…and its becoming annoying…i send a message askign why they rage quit…the answer is most of the timeis…“stop running noob”…yeh like Im going to go near your x factor level 3 hulk, sentinel, or any other character for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: the other answer I get is “learn to play”…I dont get that…I beat them they rage quit and tell me to learn to play?..man its not like Im playing beam spam characters on simple mode :frowning:

I mean one guy I played was using wolverine/ryu/pheonix…his whole game plan was to build meter…not try and lower any of my characters health…just build meter throw specials. The first match I didnt even allow his pheonix to get level 5 meter… the second match I intentionally gave him room to spam specials to get 5 meter then made him change into dark pheonix with x factor, I used my x factor and downed her lol…he rage quit after that :frowning:

One thing rage quitters have to learn is that they should just take their loss. Losing is part of the learning process as well as winning.

I want to learn the game the best I can and enjoy myself while I do that but rage quitters are really getting on my nerves


I did this once but I needed to go to the bathroom XD… I got tron left vs sentinel and my insides were stronger than winning XD…



yeah sometimes when you successfully DC it will save the loss but also end your winstreak