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SUPER EDIT: New site

I know it isn’t for everyone, but I know lots of people out there take screengrab of the people who disconnect on them as proof to show others. I’ve gathered a bunch I’ve found online, gotten submissions, and some from my own SF4 experience.

When I first started the blog, I only intended it to be a place to for everyone to get a general idea of who some well documented rage quitters were so they could avoid the hassle altogether. I’ve gotten unexpected results though.

I’ve been contacted by some people who have been exposed on the blog as DCers, and they do not want to carry that kind of reputation. I’ve had people swear to never DC again, challenge the person they quit on to rematches, and even send apology messages.

So if you are one of those people who doesnt mind taking a picture when the occasional disconnect happens, feel free to send me the proof. I figure the more people we expose, the less people will be inclined to ragequit.

I dig this concept. Hopefully it takes off for ya! :slight_smile:

Haha that’s lovely.

Maybe they shouldn’t have DCd in the first place.

I think that you should keep them on the site, but note that they did send apology messages etc if they did.

That’s the plan.

Brilliant idea.

There are sooooo many people online, this is kinda pointless

That’s how I read it at least.

i actually played a few on the blog, small world

If all else fails it’s great comedy, some of the messages and screencaps are golden.

Good idea. I hope this is supported…

lol (bookmarked)

bookmarked for great justice

haha good stuff. ill be sure to check it every now and then :clapdos:

I just wanna say why are you giving these ragequitters so much attention? Are you going to make some sort of petition to get them banned from LIVE/PSN?

Who gives a phuck if they quit, stop wasting your time and carry on playing. We all know BP are bollox, its got nothing to do with how good you are its there for enlarging your e-penis.

I only ever create Ranked match lobbys as no one wants to play Player matches anymore, its a shame coz all my ranked matches are against people with 2000+ more BP than me and I dont stand a chance due to their skill and stupid milli second lag which doesnt recognise when I block.

So phuck ragequitters and keep on playing coz eventually there will be more ragequitters than actual genuine players and then were are all phucked

Definitely a novel idea, but realistic? I dunno.
I’ll stick to excessive spam messaging them.

Capcom hasn’t setup any tool to punish this practice, the community had to make one, as quitters are one of the most frequent complain.

So, thx Vanilla, at least this is giving back a bit of the fun the ragequitters take away from online play :slight_smile: Keep it fun !

Tell you whats fun sometimes is after they ragequit, send them an invite to play another game and then kick them from the lobby… feels nice

this is great an i send in hatemails well?

haha thats funny. i was checking to see if i made it on there