Ragequitters on blast thread (post their g-tags)


Very simple but much needed thread. I see we have a what ppl message after you beat them thread but no thread to put ragequitters on blast. It would also be interesting to know the situation you put them in or the last thing you did that made them pull the cord.

I believe this thread will help EVERYONE avoid these individuals because nobody deserves a well deserved win taken from them.

I’ll set it off…

Played some dude named SF 93 today on XBL and as usual I have 3 chars and he is down to X-23 with xfactor still remaining. He kills my Nemesis (because I fuckin suck with him) and then he activates dirt nap to try and kill off my Dante coming in… BUT since Im smarter than that (of course I am) I do Dante’s sky dance and I catch him in the air then … he busts out the disconnect hyper LOL

Looking forward to hearing you guys stories!


damn so many names to put here, yet forgot most of them bare 1



Really not needed at all. Ragequitters are a supplementary form of entertainment within the game.


What’s next? “I saw we have a thread for ragequitting, but we don’t have a thread yet for people who tea bag you and leave after they win one time”


If you actually read, it’s more for avoiding them so you won’t get a well deserved win taken from you. Stop trying to be the “cool forum guy” posting stupid gifs. If you aren’t going to contribute to the thread, make like a banana and split. : )


Avoiding ragequitters?



I don’t think putting people on a list is going to prevent rage quits from happening. Rage quitters are just a part of the online experience.


Skydancing on the way in is definitely the opposite of a smart idea lol




i agree with Trendsetta. it’s not about stopping ragequitters, it’s about avoiding them.

there’s been times where i’ve played the same ragequitter a week later, forgot he was a ragequitter, and he ragequit on me again.

i’ve run into a lot over the last few weeks, but it’s hard to keep track because if they RQ it won’t show up on your “recently played” list. UMVC3 seems to have problems in general with updating your recently played.

anyway, V Solidus is the most recent i can remember. he is a high lord, plays Vergil / something / Wesker


Hahaha I have fought V Solidus as well… Exposed!!


A few days ago a scrub named “low tier player” hit the disconnect combo when I killed his… wesker?

So much for “low tier” lol

And I have played against v solidus but don’t recall if he rq’d or not


I’ve played pungza

Capcom stopped the system from keeping track of recenty played players to keep the hate mail /complaints/avoiding down to a minimum. It only tracks the players u play in lobbies or player matches I think.


This is what I was thinking man. LOL.


Low Tier Player? He’s supposed to have a Strange and Haggar.


Here are the Rage Quitters I have Exposed on Xbox Live for now:

MORE to come =)


Are you sure it was Low Tier Player, and not L0w Ti3r G0d?

I’ve heard about L0w Ti3r G0d on other threads, and he’s constantly sending angry messages and stuff.

Low Tier Player on the other hand seemed ok in the few times i’ve played him.

ohhh ok, i always wondered why it would only update after player matches.

i don’t really see the point in Capcom doing that though. i’m pretty sure everyone knows you can just create a message and manually enter the person’s gamertag (if you remember it).


I Rage quit playing this game online. I find it a waste of time to play online, no need to go into the obvious arguments of why online sucks. Having said that, why would you get upset that someone Ragequit. If it’s ranked mode then I understand because I don’t think you’ll earn your points. But anything outside of that, so the hell what. You get the satisfaction of knowing you were so good that you overwhelmed the person (or so annoying) and they didn’t even want to finish the match.

Snitching on “rage quitters” is just as childish as rage quitting.
“Hey look at this guy name Rager1234, he a scrub. He used Wesker and Zero and still Rage quit, he such a scrub”. - Silliness

My current picture is indicative of how I feel about what anyone has to say in response to this ^.

So are people going to keep lists of all the tags that people mention in this thread then check the list ever so vigilantly before accepting a match?


I dont’ have a physical list per say that i have written down but I do read threads like this and keep a mental note of player names. Also people that I have played that have quit out on me I never accept there matches anymore. If I see a player name that I have seen people say is a ragequitter I won’t accept.

Also add DonPatches to the list of ragequitters. I took a screen shot. I’ll upload later if I have time.