Ragequitters : The Blacklist



OK so the idea is to document every instance of Ragequits that occurs and build a list of culprits, so that the odious little shits who perpetuate this heinous practice are outed in public, and mercilessly internet-flayed as only SRK knows how :wgrin:

Perhaps once we have them named & shamed, we can all avoid these players and cut the isntances of ragequit in SF4 down to a minimum. If possible, supply a small but visible screenshot as evidence, with the player’s GamerTag and “connection lost” window clearly visible.

EDIT: Somebody PMed me saying this was a stupid idea. It’s just a bit of fun people, lighten up. Obviously the funnier the picture, the better.

I’ll start with the one I got tonight:


Ragequitters Blacklist

Sc00t Magee


This thread is hilarious, but seriously sad at the same time. Droppers…what a shame


Sometimes they disconnect on accident but in the case of your pic, definently intentional.


Add jvilleslim21 to the list. Funny thing is I knew he would be one of those guys. He went right to Sagat so I usually figure them for pullers. Near the end of the 2nd round when I was spanking him he walks back into the corner and does nothing. Then the disconnect I was expecting.


These topics are always pointless.


avoid SNNAAKKE:arazz:, this guy quits if his blanka elec spam fails.


@ AlterGenesis: So was that post.


I’ll give you the benefit on the doubt because you’re new, but these topics go nowhere. There are tons of droppers and you’re not going to list ALL of them. Even if you do see one on this list, what the fuck you going to do? “Oh shit, time to avoid this foo!” You’re not going to be looking at this list all day everyday to make sure you don’t play someone who drops. Some of them might not even be real droppers, so you’ll be looking out worried for nothing. (People can walk in here and just give you fake names of people who didn’t drop just to piss them off) Just play the damn game and if people drop, big fucking whoop, it happens all the time.

Oh yeah, avoid me, because I drop.


Like I said in the OP, it’s just a bit of fun. People can swap ragequit stories, funny pics etc. Hell, maybe some scrub will wander onto the forum and see his own name on the list, and we can have some fun ripping it out of him. You didn’t honestly think I was actually, genuinely hoping to abolish ragequits forever by making a thread on a board, did you?

Lighten up and chill out. If you don’t like a thread, maybe you shouldn’t clutter it up with humorless, pointless posts spouting unconstructive opinions that nobody asked for.


How is blacklisting people fun? Please.

There is an entire damn topic on ragequits in the SF4 forum if you actually bothered to check. Stop whining. Not everything you say is free from criticism. So don’t give this “if you don’t like it, don’t post bullshit.” This is SRK. Get used to it.


haha, you actually added snake to the blacklist



you fucking retard. wanna lose every match AND want videos on youtube? I didnt “rage quit”. I simply left to play another game after beating YOU. random-ass online clowns like you never cease to amaze me :rofl:

you want “revenge” BigBadBoogie? first to 10 buddy :karate:
clearly ragequitters like myself got nothing on GODLIKE akuma players like yourself…

where is my “ragequit” pic?? a pic of YOU losing and me “ragequitting” would have made you look 100% retarded(now you are about a solid 90%)

you fucking piece of shit. I BEAT HIS ass then quit to play YOU in cvs2? see why you are an EPIC faggot buddy? you feel the need to post something dumb almost every time. why do you even bring up “blanka” when I rape you with the entire cvs2 cast(bitch you lose to a-dan…SAIKYO!) AND I ocved you k-kyo,geese,rugal,TERRY(hahahahahah),lori(NO ROLL hahaha),rock,hibiki,haomaru. I am not even counting the OCVs using better/top characters.

ask yourself, are you really in a position to talk about me? I wont even post your video here. anybody care enough to see how dumb GEFTY GIZARD is then check youtube for “Lefty Lizard”.

for what. leaving after beating his retarded(i forgot who he picked last match) ass? oh noes!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ll drop on his scrub ass too. Both of them. Fucking lag donkeys think they’re nice at sf.


@ snake: Dude, calm down. I’ve never played against you, and I don’t even know who the fuck you are. Nor do I care. What I find ironic, in a way that would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic, is that I added you to the list and you instantly showed up and acted like exactly the kind of raging douchebag who probably would quit if he was losing, and who I would rather be hung from a meathook than play a game with. You proved the rest of us right. Well done.

With that, gentlemen, I bid thee adieu. Life is too short and too sweet to spend it in the company of you squealing homunculi a moment longer than I have to, so I’ll leave you here to have your little circle jerk, wanking each other off and crying and probably listening to Belle & Sebastian records.


Oh woah hey there pal. Don’t get it twisted, clowning on you is too fun. I’m sure snake wasn’t upset when he posted that lol.

Btw man I played you and your akuma is really, really good man. You should go pro.


o rly? because I DO kinda remember playing you and how dumb you were and how I “ragequit” on dat azz after winning. in fact I remember because I almost perfected you very last round.

I am still angry about being on da blacklist though. rage…RAAAAAAAGGGGGGGE!!! :mad::grrr: I want revenge bitch. first to 10.

so you are pretty much backing out and wont play? because you will lose every match?

you should change your gametag to BigBagVagina because clearly thats what you are. no need for denials.


Scoot and Snake are my heroes.

No homo…


Problem is, Xbl doesn’t allow such “filthy” words like “vagina”.

On a sidenote:

“uh…uhuhuhu… vagina… he said vagina… uh uh huhuhuuuu”


LOL they don’t know about the Hate! :rofl:


why is this thread here again? Such a dumbass thread =\