Raging Blast 2.


What do you guys think of it? tourney worthy, “for those that played the demo”.

To me I honestly think it could be just on the amount of skill there is to timing and what not. I think it has a solid chance though. What is your guys thoughts on it, give me some specifics on why or why not.


I think you need more than a demo to determine if a game is good for competition or not…although it doesn’t really matter anyway because people will try to make games that didn’t have it in mind “competitive” anyways…


Raging Blast compared to Tenkaichi 3 just felt so weird. There weren’t nearly as many offensive or defensive options. The only thing it did right was not have the Z Counter.


hmmmmm… I wonder who that could be.

I don’t like the control scheme in this game. Everything just seems spread out over the controller for no reason. T3 had it perfect.


T3 is perfect (well for this series of Tenkaichi-like games anyway). Blast series took hella steps backwards.

Kinda like Burst Limit to Budokai 3.1.

But hey, I’m fairly sure Blast 2 will be better than UNS2, so I’ll buy it and troll the noobs online.

Teeheehee. :angel:


I would much rather have Burst Limit 2.


Ditto, they only thing Dimps needed to do was change the ki meter back to the base line system.


And uh, give us all the characters back.

I mean a rooster only going up to the Cell Saga? When the anime has been out for well over a decade? Not to mention the games that came before it? Inexcusable.


This ^^^


But I guarantee they won’t/wouldn’t.


well i’m pretty much excited for this rb2, haven’t bought a dbz game since tenkaichi 2 at gamestop it will be bring back memories =)… “Always the 2nd game that I always buy, LOL”.


They kinda did w/ DragonBall Evolution (PSP) and Infinite World, but then who knows. If not that, then at least revise the ki system in BL so it is not as broken.


Competitive or not, this game doesn’t seem up to it. Having a brand new character from one of the movies isn’t gonna cut it.

Also, why can Broly turn SSJ3 now? I thought LSSJ was the equivalent of it or higher. Shit doesn’t make sense.


Pretty sure he was absorbed before the Cell Games


Goku ate that rooster a long time ago…


Fanservice. Like SSJ3 Vegeta.


Hey guys check this out…

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Dude…fix the thread title.
I might get this game, mainly due to the OVA and that I hadn’t played a DB fighter since Super and Budokai 3.


Seems like the same damn trend that was done with the ps2 budokai and Tenkaichi series.


Here’s the character strength chart. It’s amazing to me that instead of trying to make a balanced game, they purposely make 3/4 of the cast too weak to use.


EDIT: Also, that was the worst Demo ever. I haven’t spent much time with the Tenkaichi/Raging Blast series so I am not sure how to play (or ever what the controls are). Since the Demo just had you vs CPU and no tutorial/button chart, it took a couple of frustrating matches to learn what was going on. By the time I knew what was up, I was too fed-up with the game to play anymore.