Raging...can i overcome it?

I have bad habit of raging for years now. Everytime I felt I overcome it I seem to fall right back to raging. I’m considering dropping this hobby of playing FG (videogames in general) since i know I can’t be content with the “just for fun” mentallity and raging is become physical and mental strain.

Learning to control one’s temper is probably a life-lesson that is outside the bounds of the Newbie Dojo. Try more exercise, sex, walking outside, juggling chainsaws, and/or furious masturbation.

*note: the owners and staff of SRK is not responsible for any damage you do to yourself or others during the course of exercise, sex, walking outside, juggling chainsaws, and/or furious masturbation.

Try some of those at the same time. Mix and match em. Like having sex outside while juggling chainsaws. Or you can count to 10.

The trick to not raging is to not play online.

You probably can’t stop the rage, but at least you can let go once the match is done.

Hmm… I used to get a bit worked up when I played FPSs waaaaay back in the day. I would be quite animated and shout at the screen. What made me stop was that my brother secretly recorded me once doing it. I heard it back and I could see I was getting way too worked up and came off as a twat - that caused me to be more aware of what I was doing/how I was behaving when I was playing.

It’s a bit of a tricky one, because everyone is different and have different reasons behind it. I don’t get upset when I play SF (and get absolutely bodied 'cause I’m hella-free) because:

  1. It’s all a learning experience, I realise I have a long way to go to get better and that I still have many, many holes in my gameplay. If there’s anyone to blame for my loss, it’s me. I’ll look at myself before I criticise the other player. If they beat me with something cheap, well that’s simply because I let them get away with it. I’ll just go away and figure out what I should have done/how to counter it. That’s part of the appeal for me of FGs, figuring out tactics and counter-tactics B).

  2. Nobody likes to play with someone who gets really salty/upset. It does not make you popular. It comes across as a bit immature (at least in my opinion).

  3. If you get worked up everytime you play, it’ll affect your gameplay. I know some people will say that anger can help your gameplay, but I think for the most part, it’s detrimental to your performance.

  4. Like you say, it can get physically and mentally tiring to the point when you are just not having fun anymore and you question why are you even playing this game? This is meant to be enjoyable, not a chore and a source of frustration.

All I can suggest is you look at yourself and see/find what is making your rage. Is it lame gameplay? Is it lag? Is it dropping combos? Try and find a solution to that problem. So for example, if it’s lame gameplay, you can go two ways about it:

  1. Don’t play that person ever again (that’s fair enough, especially at the start of trying to get a handle on your rage)

  2. Get in the training room/on the internets and find out how to counter/deal with that lameness. Your match up knowledge may need some work or your reads/spacing, whatever.

If you feel yourself starting to get worked up, you need to take a break. This can be difficult. I have a friend who gets to this point, but cannot be removed from the stick even though he has basically given up and cannot help but curse and shout - it’s no fun for anyone. So take a breather, do something else, take your mind off it and come back fresh. If you have to think about the game you just had, do so, but not endlessly, just a minute or so. Get the bitching off your chest, then think calmly and clearly what you should have done/what went wrong, learn from it and move on.

And last but not least, relax. It is just a game after all.

The best outlet for rage in fighting games IMO is to just channel it at yourself. Odds are, if you lost to something “cheap” or some setup you have no idea how to deal with, it’s ultimately your fault. You can’t blame your opponent for beating you.

When I’m losing to someone and I can’t figure out why, or hit a wall, I do start to rage a little bit inside, but I’m angry with myself for being free. Then, I reflect on my weaknesses and use that anger as motivation, “I’m going to play better and destroy this guy.” After awhile, losing becomes fun because you’re leveling up. Play to learn, not to win.

Just like in a real fight, raging is only going to hurt u big time.

Remember it’s a game, when u start getting worked up (maybe cause u lost a few matches in a row, or u lost in a way that makes u upset) just take a break.

Playing online is always frustrating, because you can never be sure how much of it was your fault or how much was lag.

Playing offline, well, it’s still frustrating to lose but at least you know it’s all you. Just gotta overcome.

If you are looking for a quick fix to the rage - fap. No, I’m serious. I just discovered this at FR16. First tournament elimination, I spent almost the entire day pissed off and basically being a prick to everyone. Hours later I finally fapped, and suddenly I was feeling great. Next day, after my second tournament elimination, I was still pissed off but I went right to my hotel room, took care of business and bam - it was like nothing had happened. It’s as if fapping cleans the salt out of your system.

Not even trying to be funny here, it really works. Don’t be a douche, though, at least wash your hands afterward.

This. I endorse it out of personal experience. Or anything similar that provides the same level of relaxation. Such as switching to Saints Row 3 and driving on sidewalks or throwing hookers off of skyscrapers. Or taking a nap.

fucking and faping make me play like shit

I’ll make sure not to shake hands at a tournament. By the way about keeping your edge, most boxers/fighters restrain from sex 24 hours before a bout to keep their competitive focus. So probably best not to fap/fuck during a tournament.

thanks everyone. In the end it is my own fault for not disciplining my self. The perspective of me ruining other experince does hit hard so I’l keep that into perspective.

Hey man…

Micky from Rocky had it right…


Scientifically it’s true. Male athletes perform better when they aren’t getting any. Women athletes perform better when they ARE getting it.

Has to do with testosterone, you jabronies.

Oh, and to the Rager guy… Us telling you not to Rage isn’t going to change your attitude for more than 5 minutes. Try smoking some pot before you play, you’re reaction time may go down but you’ll probably just go "ohhh cooool’ when you lose.

Or, get a beefy arcade stick that you can beat the hell out of the panel but not actually hurt the stick or buttons when you rage.

You can do anything you want, including overcoming your emotions. Plain and simple. But, if it’s not fun for you, find another hobby. If it isn’t fun because you aren’t winning then practice more and overcome your downfalls. If it still isn’t fun then play something else.

Hope it helps.

Among the suggestions above, I’d also add self flagellation.

if you really want to rage though, at least wear a mic so others can hear you. Or else it spoils the fun!

if you dont have a mic, dont fret about it!

True, nothing is more satisfying than hearing your opponent start cussing after you get that last hit.

I rage in the training room. I spend too much time trying to get difficult combos down, get pissed and start using magic series… only to repeat the process.

It seems like you’ve forgotten how to have fun while playing. That’s bad. If something goes wrong, sometimes it helps to laugh it off. Seriously.

I don’t think that the game is worth getting all worked up. If you play online, well you know how sometimes online fucks up for example delay, lag. If you’re not enjoying it, just stop doing it.