Raging Demon and Wrath of the Raging Demon

Every time I try to do these combos, I just end up punching and kicking the air. The combo is LP LP > LK HP and every time I do that I just end up punching the dummy or hitting the air. Is there a special way your suppose to do those buttons? Is there a way to change the buttons you need to press to do the combo or something?

If you’re hitting someone with the inputs, it usually means you’re doing it wrong. Hitting someone with the jab part of the input usually means the whole thing won’t hit. It’s more of a fast/ranged grab super than a combo.

From experience, you just have to get the inputs out cleanly in quick succession.

Uses for Super/U1:

Ok, thanks for helping me understand how it’s suppose to be done. I’ve searched youtube and never saw any videos that were even near what you put in your post.

No prob. A couple of more for the road:

Yeah the input becomes second nature after a while. It’s rapid response and speed that counts. The tricky part is landing it in combos like after a focus which harbours practice.

There is a shortcut for this input.
You can do LP , LP , and then press the direction (forward or back depending on super or ultra) at the same time as LK and HP.

So for example, for Wrath of Raging Demon (Ultra)
You just need to press
Back + LK + HP.