Raging Demon combo

Ok so I got the new strategy guide and they say u can do a far jumping deep HK, standing far HK, Raging Demon, not once have I been able to pull this off. Does it really exist, what’s the trick here? And is it useful for a set-up for the Raging Demon?

Yes it does, and no it’s not. Unless your playing scrubs or mixing around your game a lot this is easily parried, you could also do this with a jumping deep hp wich is better or hp air fireball, essentially it all comes out to be a nice 17 hit combo. The trick is to hit the opponent around the abdomen or legs area so he can get pushed far back enough so gouki can do a s.RH instead of his axe kick, you gotta be fast to cancle a s.RH into an RD.


yeah, that’s a sweet one. first time i pulled that off was in 2nd Impact. i was playing against a Yun player. he did You Hou (which i blocked), then i did s. roundhouse xx Demon :badboy:. cool thing was the Yun player was the one who told me you could cancel it.

just a little add on: you can cancel ANY of Akuma’s attacks (his close s. strong -> s. fierce chain included) into the Demon. they just won’t combo :lol:. only one that will get them is s. roundhouse due to the turn-around property when it hits. hah. even the CPU does stuff. like, sometimes it’ll do jump in roundhouse -> c. forward xx Demon. of course, you have time to jump away and punish. but that’s pretty darn cool.

yeah I know his regular cancels, but what’s the best set-up that’s guarnteed since the opponent just has to jump, I used to use it on wake-up but it gotfigured out

well at a certain range they can’t jump out. Some good setups are a non-hitting Lk Hurricane that sets you down right next to them and then demon when you land. or dash up demon that works too.

setups i use for raging demon:

–dive kick(whiff)->RD
–teleport->RD (risky as shit, only to fuck around)
–they jump in->RD (that’s gauranteed)
–blocked c.hk->RD
–kara RD on crouched opponent (yanno, since they see the f+mp coming out)

are cross-up’s ok to use

Yes it does, I dunno how but I got it first try, gotta wait for frame verification of the second HK hit after you land, sometimes it wont combo but you will still get him with raging demon. But when it does i think it should be like 18 hits.

and yes you should be able to use cross ups with the same basic HK->RD combo.

if you mean just crossing up with forward and immediately doing the RD, then no, it will not combo. Akuma’s forward kick, or any other attack with the exception of his s. roundhouse will not allow the RD to combo. s. roundhouse makes RD combo because it turns the opponent around, just like Alex’s strong and fierce Flash Chops. it may cancel into, but your opponent will be able to jump out. your opponent may be caught off guard if you do it after crossing up, but odds are, they’ll jump out.

I find it interesting that does combo off a far Roundhouse. Reminds me of Shin Akuma’s demon on SFA3. Could Akuma on 3rd Strike be Shin Akuma, minus the second air fireball? I mean, the demon looks like its as fast as Shin Akuma’s.