Okay, so I’m fairly new to fighting games in general, I mean I played SF2 and Mortal Kombat back in the day but never in arcades or tournaments. I decided I wanted to get into it so I bought a decent stick and have been trying to learn.

I’ve only won like, 10 out of my 200 some odd online matches, but I’m slowly getting better. I main Akuma. I am now comfortable with all my special attack and short combo execution and am ready to start moving into more complicated stuff.

Here’s the issue I’m having. Any opponent with half a brain, knows you can get around the Demon by simply jumping.

FADCing the Raging Demon seems to be the only way to at least somewhat guaranteeing the Demon will connect (and even then, I’ve seen it just push the opponent backwards mid fall instead of connecting, sometimes).

So, my question. What are some cool, more solid ways to get the Stage 3 Focus to land? If you just stand in front of them and try it, they will interrupt or dodge.

I’ve seen people set it up to where the FADC will land right when an opponent lands, or wakes up, or jumps into you, and they can’t do much to avoid it… How?

Also, are there any ways to get an un-FADC’d Demon to land without them being able to jump? I think I’ve gotten it to work if they are just about to land, the Demon will connect before they can jump.

Not really. If you time it correctly, the raging demon is arguably the best anti-air in the game. they key is to get them at the correct moment on their way down.

Typically, when you say “FADC into it” or “FADCing the ___” it implies you use a FADC from a special or normal (IE, burning two bars of meter to extend a combo). I’m just letting you know that when you use this terminology, some people may not use it the same way you do (though, you arent the only person who said it this way, so dont feel bad or anything)

Counter hit focus attacks are the easiest way to get a crumple. Level 3s are kind of rare in outside stun

Can you provide a more detailed example? All of these examples have numerous ways to get out, and I think im misunderstanding you

You want them to jump. Learn how to kara demon from cr.mk, when someone jumps in at you, you can do kara demon and then you get them and they cant jump out.

I think what you mean by it being the best Anti Air in the game is what I was talking about seeing people time it properly when an opponent is falling. I’ve definitely made it work before, just not on purpose…

I just was asking for examples of this… Like… After a DP? Or just from crouching to punish a jump in?

So by that logic, you really shouldn’t FADC it at all? Just use it to punish anti air (would make sense, given FADCing it reduces its dmg)? So my question is how.

The benefit to me of FADCing it, is that they can’t get out of it. The drawback, is not many people are letting me get a Focus Attack on them (they dodge, or inturrupt) to buffer in the Demon after.

The FADC system is more complex than just “dont do it” or “yeah do it”, there are specific times to do it, and when you do focus attacks there are three levels, Level 1 which will not cause a crumple & is blockable, level 2 which does cause a crumple but can be blocked, level 3 which is unblockable and causes a crumple.

Level 3 takes so long to charge that 99% of all players can get away from it without any problem. Level 2 is more useful, especially when you use it as a counter hit. level 1 may have the same counter hit properties. I forget though. You can use focus attacks after a whiffed dp. but you CANNOT dp then FADC raging demon as a combo.

For the third paragraph you’re confusing things that I said for raging demons and FADCs. You cant punish anti airs with FADC because you cant FA in the air. Anti airs are what prevent people from jumping in on you, some normal moves beat some anti airs at certain angles, but they arent really seen as a reliable way to jump in. Focus attacks are good for “parrying”, building ultra meter and for counter hitting people to land a quick crumple. The Raging Demon is a very good anti air tool when used properly.

for the fourth paragraph, like I said before, you need to learn how to anti air demon. This does not in any way use focus attacks.

I should probably say this now, I think Akuma is one of the worst characters for new players. He has too many tools to use, many of which that can encourage poor play unless understood at a higher level. Its probably better to play Ryu until you understand the basics, then you can decide to stick with Ryu (many highly advanced players do this, and Ryu becomes far more rare in higher level play) or go play Akuma. A lot of people tend to agree with this sentiment, many others dont. I am in the former.

Although you have said nothing specifically to indicate the following, I just want to make sure you’re aware that combos and such are not the basis of street fighter. You said that you use level 3 focus attacks a lot, and I’m assuming you use it to open people up. If you want to open people up, youll need to learn to zone, and how to do footsies. There are plenty of resources for these two core concepts to all street fighter games. This is not to say you shouldnt do combos, but they are second tier to the basics.

I am aware of the levels of focus attack… Are you saying that I can do a LEVEL TWO focus attack and then buffer in the demon? I thought you had to go all the way to level 3, dash out of it, and buffer in the demon quickly (which is what I always do). The sole purpose of me using a L3 FA is to try to buffer in the Raging Demon.

No way in hell am I playing lame ass Ryu, poster child for SF. Moving on…

I’m aware combos aren’t the basis for SF, actually with Akuma you rarely need them at all if you just play smart (in fact, my B&B is typically just a L tastu xx DP)… Still, I get very annoyed by the people who get ONE hit off then you suddenly can’t block anything for half your health bar (which, to my knowledge, is the definition of a combo, where after the first hit the rest is unblockable). I want to do that to other people.

I just did an online match where I “anti aired” the demon… you basically just wait for them to stupidly jump, and at the right time in the downfall, you execute the demon, and connect with them right as they hit the ground (so they can’t jump out of it). Is this what you’re talking about?

You can buffer demon from anything, whether or not its useful or cancels is another topic. But yes, focusing from any level then doing demon is fine. Level 1 requires a counter hit to crumple, level 2 requires it to hit and not be blocked to get a crumple. The Focus attack is really not the primary way to land the raging demon, but it certainly is one way.

Don’t “hipster” fighting games. The lamest thing anyone can do is choosing a character for superficial reasons. You should learn a character because of their move set. Why on earth would it matter that hes the icon of street fighter, what does that have to do with ANYTHING about how he plays? Do you think Akuma isnt one of the icons? You know, Akuma was made specifically to make Street Fighter 2 more popular than it already was, and Ryu was already there… Do you think I play Chun Li for any reason other than the way she plays? Her story is lame, shes not the hottest character, I don’t secretly wish to be a girl, and I sure as shit don’t care that shes the “first lady of fighting games.” I like her because of her moveset that encourages footsies, and shes really fast.

Right they arent, but keep in mind in order to win youll still need them. Youll go further with the basics, but you wont get far without both.

When you say you “anti aired” the demon, it implies that the demon is in the air, and you used a move to beat the demon. I’m just trying to help you get the terminology correct (perhaps say I anti air demoned them). But yes, when someone is just starting to fall down and you do the demon, if they activated a jumping attack they cant escape on landing (if the timing is correct)

Akuma wasn’t exactly my first choice. He suites my playstyle, which is why I decided he was the first guy I’d really learn in depth. And like you mentioned, he has a ridiculous amount of options. His ultimate appeal to me is his slipperyness, you can literally make throw based characters like Zangeif and Hawk chase you around the screen. He’s also essentially a combination of Ryu, Ken, and Gouken, which were some of my first characters.

The reason I was so focused on Focus Attacking the Demon is because I wanted a way to make it a sure thing. People kept jumping over my Demons. But based on what you’re saying, I should be using the Demon as a punish, so it shouldn’t miss anyway?

I’ll work on trying to buffer the demon out of a stage 2 focus… Stage 1 wouldn’t work UNLESS it counter crumpled, right? Otherwise they could still jump out of it…

I watched your youtube videos… I’m on PS3 so not sure if you can answer this, but where’d you get the hooded Akuma costume? I only have the normal one and the Alternate 2 one that I bought from the costume pack (I have arcade edition). I’ve seen 2 others, the hooded one I mentioned, and also one where he has big ropes on his back… Where do I get them?

You gotta pay for those, they are on the Xbox live market place

Yeah, I have never used a 360, I’m a PS3 user. That’s what I assumed… But they only have content for SSF4 Arcade Edition (not the original) on PSN Store…

I paid for the ‘Alternate 2’ one… The one where he has longer hair tied back and a robe. Can’t seem to find the others. Google did me no good either, just found images of it but not how to get it.

Edit: I think I figured it out… Other than the Original, there are 3 costumes from DLC.

Shoryuken Pack
Super Shoryuken Pack
Ultra Shoryuken Pack

Now if I can just find them on the store. Haha

They definitely still have the vanilla/super DLC still up. Look again. Try just searching for “Street Fighter 4 costume packs”.

Sorry I said Xbox, psn has it as well, saying Xbox was just a simple mistake because most of the time I talk about Xbox lol

Yep, I found and purchased them. I just had to do a more specific search for the add ons themselves, not the games.

Now off to try and stage 2 FADC buffer the Demon in some online mayhem. I was doing it in training and its SO much faster than stage 3 buffer, I can actually pull it off in a match.

or is it Focus Attack Buffer into Demon? You guys are so picky about the terminology lol