Raging demon not working



totally not working, im not performing it wrong nor slow, ive always used akuma before in other games, its just not working even with full bars
Its pc version with keyboard

does anyone know whats wrong?


caps lock is ON




How does one shot web?


wow playing sf4 with a keyboard is worse than playin on an x360 controller T.T


fucks at supposed to mean asshole?


that both pads and keyboards suck compared of a joystick ^
(don’t fuck up)


What’s wrong is that you’re using a keyboard.


It means the xbox controllers are a fucking piece of shit and shouldn’t be used for fighting games


Just practice man.


VE ALWAYS USED A KEYBOARD, i never played any other way, its not a matter of practice, im an akuma user in other games for yearsa. it just doesnt come out. will u fkin help instead of talkin crap?


Guess you’re pretty much doomed then.

Gah, make sure you actually have a full meter, pro tip. There’s two raging demons to think about in SFIV, both of which are readily available on the command list for Akuma in the game…

Ultra: :lp: :lp: :l: :lk: :hp:

Super: :lp: :lp: :r: :lk: :hp:


I’ve never played on a keyboard before, but I imagine there’d be some nifty advantages to balance out the bad things. Like lightning fast d,d/f,d,d/f shoryu motions for example.

OP: Get in training mode, try to do a demon with input display on, and tell us what inputs are showing up. Then we can try and help you correct it.


ok i did it, had to keep back key pressed whlie hitting the last two buttons, i didnt have to that before, thanks mates


no guys, i’m pretty sure the japanese cabinets are equipped with keyboards.


You still don’t have to do that…

My guess is you were inputting back late before. By mentally thinking you have to keep it pressed, you are forcing yourself to input it before the last two buttons.


thank you twelve :slight_smile: i own an x360 and all i can say is that i only play it for halo & GOW TBH i knew i should have gotten that ps3 though… LOVE THAT DPAD!!!


How about a good old classic… RTFM?


I was just about to type that. I also use a keyboard, and the number 1 reason i mess up on a raging demon is i would accidentally hit lk before the back. My guess is it’s because i input the 4 attacks as fast as possible and just try to shove the forward/back inside the slight pause when i move my index from lp to lk. If i was on an arcade stick i could just use my thumb for lk.

Still, I prefer a keyboard to a console controller if only for the fact that hitting keys with your fingers is easier than squeezing buttons with your thumb.